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  1. MaryContrary's Avatar
    Maxine, I read your post at work yesterday but I have so much to say/ask so I waited til I had time to write it all out. As well as your blog, you keep a paper journal? Man, I just don't know if I'd have time. I write down stuff like my weight, measurements and some exercises I've learned over the years in my binder. I'm blogging here now and have an online journal on a lowcarb site. I started at 255 or so, my heaviest weight EVER! I'm up 20 lbs since last year and hadn't really even noticed. I was sick with bronchitis, etc from november to february, and probably should have put off surgery but the end of Feb I had a hysterectomy too. Had so many problems with oxygen and breathing throughout my recoup time. I also think I have thyroid problems too. I had lost a couple pounds fairly easily when I started taking a herbal supplement called ThyroSense from a canadian company I heard the doctor on a talk radio show once. I'm thinking now that my round of hcg is done, I should start taking it again. (maybe I should have continued to take it even while I was doing the hcg drops?) Are you doing drops or injections? I get what you mean about weight/size. THis is where I think hcg is NOT a placebo, there is no way a person would normally lose so many INCHES with so little pounds lost. I posted a before and after picture in my album and the flowered blouse I have on in the 'after' picutre--last time I wore it I was at least 10 or 15 lbs lighter. I guess my situation (so far) isn't lose weight or die, but I'm so tired of feeling so old. I'm 48--going on 64 lol or so it feels like some days. Can't wait for some energy to just hit me!
  2. Maxine's Avatar
    I started at 243 - 245. I have constantly watched my weight increase no matter what I did.
    I had my thyroid removed 3 years ago because it grew quickly the spring before and was 6x it's normal size. It was cutting off the oxygen to my brain and choking me. Then 3 weeks later I had a hysterectomy so I have NO hormones. Dieting was a waste of time for me before hcg. However, I did diet the year before the thyroid issues, wondering if that caused the thryoid to go haywire. ??? anyway, round 2 was hard. I would suggest really being careful and make sure you have the time required between rounds. I think Dr. S made that suggestion for mental as well as physical preparedness. Gained back some of R3 and all of R4 so really it's another "here I go again". but my attitude is much better this time and I cannot believe how great I feel. First time in 20 years I have some actual energy. Not from the hcg, but from the weight lost. I really think the weight I've lost is the bad fat that hurts your organs.
    Where are you in this? What weight have you started at? You can do this. You just have to want it bad enough. My doc told me to lose weight or die. Well, I figured I could at least die trying. or live trying. Up to my attitude. And that has improved too. I'm currently at 219 lbs and a size 16W which shocks me. The 219 in the past has always been at least an 18. I look much better right now than I should, but that is just more incentive to get going. I'm not convinced my hcg drops are real though. Long story and I'll have to share that another day. But I'm doing ok. Just slow. Oh well, a loss is a loss and slow is not always bad.
    talk to ya soon
  3. MaryContrary's Avatar
    Maxine, thanks for the PM and the encouragement. Wow, round 5 begins? Your dedication is very admirable! my round 1 wasn't so spectacular, and my maintaining isn't going very well either. This diet is strict. but I guess that's why it works. Can I ask what weight you started at in the beginning? please tell me the next round will be easier! :-)
  4. Deana's Avatar
    For me it is just not worth it to cheat. And you are correct, it is up to you and all in your head!.. I see the long picture, I want to be skinny...and wear those skinny clothes..and if I put something bad in my mouth..I will never get there! GOOD JOB!!!!
  5. AtrueHeart's Avatar
    Sounds like you are on the right track to me! Be proud of yourself for doing so well! Thanks for the reminder that it's all in my head!
  6. Vineeta's Avatar
    Weather plays a big factor into my attitude too. I love grey days, but I live in a place with sunshine so often. Not looking forward to summer here at all. Way, way too hot for me.
    Funny how the mind can make or break us. I was at Sam's Club last night. My guy wanted a hot dog and I wasn't even tempted to have any of the offerings there. Same thing at a get together last week, (I was P3 then), but the only thing I had were two glasses of wine, nothing else even tempted me. Now, I think I'm not even tempted with the wine.
    A full, decent night of sleep sounds heavenly. That does tease me.
  7. Vineeta's Avatar
    Hope you are feeling better. Like your positive attitude too. Why not enjoy the summer? Test it out and see how it goes.
  8. rockbottom's Avatar
    I love your positive outlook! Today was my last HCG day on Round 1 and I am super nervous about going on to Phase 3 & 4... but I agree with you -- others have been successful and we will too! Have fun with the camping and hiking. It's so great to be able to move around again.
  9. Maxine's Avatar
    Its still a bit early to tell, but I think they are working. I'm not hungry. No cravings.
    Yavaone from hCG-Drops.net They are homeopathic. Pretty strong though. no alcohol
    Good luck to you too!

    It is mental. Very much so. And such a learning experience. I don't know what I've enjoyed more...losing the weight or learning about myself. Does that sound selfish? I love to analyze things and figure out why??? ha ha Just is..awesome! Hope to make the things I've come to change, permanent. It's important to be on top of this so we don't slip back. Regaining 8 lbs this past P3 was awful and so sad. I really got down about it. It didn't seem fair after working so hard. But, now that I look back at my journal....I was not true to the diet as I should have been. skipping here or there, adding here or there to make up for the skip. and yes, cheating. Thinking it would not really matter. You must be strict. Or you sabatoge yourself. No one else does it to you. Just you. So love the new life! Go straight ahead! Don't look back.
  10. Vineeta's Avatar
    Yes, do spill the beans on the drops. And good luck this round.
  11. Dubbles's Avatar
    Maxine, hi! Glad to hear the drops are working well for you. Where did you get yours? I'm doing another clean up round, 23 day, after a month long vacation--eating anything and everything I wanted, so I'm there with ya, sweetie. I so agree the shorter rounds are much easier to wrap your head around. And I've always said, much of this diet is mental. Keep up the good work, don't wear yourself out in the yard. I need to be out there too!
  12. happydj's Avatar
    You go girl! Your blog this morning gives me goosebumps coupled with a ton of inspiration!!
    A friend asked me if I was 'down' the other day. Normally I am pretty energetic and all over the place, so when friends see me calmer (and they are seem to be looking for reasons to HATE hcg) they assume that I am 'down' or depressed. Apparently the hcg harmone is calming...so we tend to stress less while we are on it. How is THAT for a side effect Just thought I'd mention it in case DH was interpretting your depression for calmness.
    Welcome home to the forum and enjoy the fun of loading and the excitement of the possibilities for this round!
    Congrats on your losses and cheers for continued success!
  13. julief's Avatar
    I wonder if the reason we are struggling is we have not learned something yet, so maybe our bodies are telling us we need to
  14. julief's Avatar
    those critters can be satisfied with probiotics or yogurt allot of the time I think.
  15. prdreams@aol.com's Avatar
    A valuable lesson is the best gift of all!!!! I, too, fell off the wagon because three of my four sons and wife (fourth son is living out of town) came to take me out to dinner and we went to my favorite food MEXICAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first thing I ate were the chips and dip!!!! From there I split a chili renello and cheese enchilada with my mother....and lets not forget the refried beans but no rice! Three good tings happened for me which were lessons as well. 1. I didn't want a margarita.....or even a shot of tequila....which was the first time in my life at a Mexican restaurant. 2. I couldn't even finish the half of my plate. and most of all 3. I had this coating of fat on the roof of my mouth that was really uncomfortable. It was LOVELY being with my boys, and the food was good and a nice change from what I had been eating for the past 20 days of VCLD but getting back on the horse is not only difficult, but welcomed!!!!! The entire experience cost me .8 pounds but the lessons learned were much more valuable!
  16. Grammie50's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing! To me the difference in myself now that I am on the HCG journey is that I recongnize my "old" bad behaviors and correct them immediately. In the past you probably would not have weighed after a day like yesterday. I know I didn't and by the time I braved the scale the amount gained was more like 10 and I had lost the wagon! So as long as you (we) get back on immediately I feel we have won!

    Make it a great day!
  17. Lia Nemeth Deneau's Avatar
    Love your post! Thanks so much for sharing... I think we all fall of the wagon at one time or another!
  18. hnrheaume's Avatar
    Thats terrific Maxine! Keep you the great works and thanks for posting these inspiring words :-)
  19. Maxine's Avatar
    losn30 ~ during Round 1 P4 I discovered I am really sensitive to corn products, esp. tortillia chips. ugh....I absolutely love salsa and chips. So I found out I can have them if, and only if, I have few. I can have all the salsa I desire, even love it on other foods, and actually found out it was not the chips I enjoyed as much as it was the salsa. So learning to eat in different combo's. It sort of cracks me up how much we humans get in a "pattern" and we like to be there. I really never saw myself that way, until I started paying attention to the things I brought home for us to eat. No wonder we get bored. It's almost like a "pod-robot" going through the store, grabbing the same old same old. Anyway, I know you will figure it out. And the POWER! Oh yeah baby! I am emPOWERED with control. No longer does food control my day nor take over my thoughts. Love it!!!
  20. losn30's Avatar
    I am loving P3 and finding it just as rewarding to stay at my LDW as it was losing during P2. Not sure whey that is....I was just telling my boyfriend last night that I love the part that I finally am in control of my body and what makes me gain or lose, or stay the same....Adding in foods one at a time and knowing the effects they have is so powerful. Like you, I have found things I should not have. Before HCG, I would have put my paycheck on the dairy category causing my gains but it turns out, I can have dairy (cheeses, cottage cheese, creamers, whips, etc..) till I am blue in the face and still will not gain and this past week, even lost a lb. So, I am betting it's the carbs and starches and perhaps the alcohol (sugars) that will be my trigger but I wont know till P4.. Either way, I agree, It does'nt get any better than this. Good luck!
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