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  1. Rabo's Avatar
    I bet that burst of energy was at least 1.2 pounds of abnormal fat!

    I want a freakish burst of energy!!! I'm still recovering from the lovely time change...
  2. destinyave's Avatar
    Zoe- I was so just thinking about you yesterday! Hope all is well with you. How is the little King? You should Blog on here. It is a great outlet!
  3. zoe patricia's Avatar
    Hello friend. You are doing awesome. Glad the shunt was OK. Sorry about the nurse's comment, we are all doing the best we can.
    I had trouble with Chicken last time. What a bummer. Shellfish is still good but I have to get the flash frozen.
    I want a blog too.
  4. destinyave's Avatar
    Rabo - Today is a skip day. Tues and wed I will have to endure the burn.

    Shell- I am going to give venison "caught" and processed by my hubby when I get home. Hope it works for me as we have a ton of it.
    Good day all!
  5. LilShelliBelli's Avatar
    Good morning Des! That BITES! I also have recently aquired a shellfish allergy and tried to eat it anyways in the beginning of P2 and that was a "no go" for this chic. BOOOOO....So I kind of went rogue for my meats. I used Extreme Lean Ground Turkey Breast (No anti's/steroids) and Wild Venison (husband caught..lol). Yes, rogue...but luckily it worked for me and helped avoid the monotony of Beef, Chicken, and Fish.

    I also bought a Protein Powder to supplement as a protein occasionally as well. Let me know if you want the brand. (I also posted on the flipside on Pookster's Thread about protein powders). Sorry about the shellfish thingy, but you are still going to rock the heck out of this! Without a doubt!!! Have a great day!
  6. Rabo's Avatar
    Did you have to endure the burn again today?
  7. tomwilla's Avatar
    I was told for a while there was a shortage of Bac water, so Rabo could be correct maybe the just sent the wrong stuf.. Glad you found the problem.
  8. LilShelliBelli's Avatar
    Hey girl! Glad you caught that! *Jackwagon*...LMBO!!! one of my ALL TIME favorite words!!!! (Thank you Robert Lee Ermey!..*mamby pamby*) Haha...okay anyhoo! Have an awesome day!!!
  9. pookster's Avatar
    better to find out now..in the early stages! You will be good to go..with no burn!
  10. Rabo's Avatar
    Well perhaps you aren't to blame and they sent you wrong item. ;-)

    At least you now know why it was burning and at least it's still really early in your round. Too bad our neighborhood pharmacies don't carry god ole bac water!
  11. marvless's Avatar
    Destiny, more details on FFF will be coming your way. Watch your inbox
  12. destinyave's Avatar
    Thanks all for doing the happy dance for me! I believe it helped! I had a brief moment of no motivation but I found it again! My nephew went to school girls took naps all is well! Ohhh and I had crab for lunch!! YUMMM
    FFF???? I don't think your referring to the yogurt.
  13. destinyave's Avatar
    Rabo - I am at 116iu or 46 on the syringe I mix 2000iu with 8ml water. My last round I was all the way down in to the 90's but that was 6 mo ago. Hope you find where you need to be!
  14. LilShelliBelli's Avatar
    Well, I just did a happy dance for ya! WOOHOO!!! WTG D.A.!!! Nice loss!!
  15. akdani's Avatar
    Awesome job. Congrat's. I hear we may see you on the FFF side. Looking forward to it.
  16. marvless's Avatar
    Yay Des!!!!! It's just me and David at home, so I'm doing a big ole happy dance for you!!!! I'm so happy to see these losses coming your way. I think your body is just ready for it. That, along with your determination, is going to get you to goal.

    Raising my cup of BP to you!
  17. Rabo's Avatar
    I'll do the happy dance for you!

    Out of curiousity, what dose are you doing? I seem to have had trouble getting my dose just right.
  18. destinyave's Avatar
    Thanks Maria & Pookster! Little mister is still sleeping ..I have gone in to check on him 2 times just to make sure he is okay! Talk about a paranoid Auntie! But I am sure it is the best for him.
  19. pookster's Avatar
    hang in there girl.. I only have 1 child.. 11mnths old.. and I lose my sh*t all the time.. I feel so frazzled some days.. shes crying.. phones ringing.. dogs barking..and I got a ton of stuff to do on top of it all. Glad your nephew is ok.. how scarey. If a nurse told me to keep my child quiet, I would say " You obviously do not have children"..peace out..
  20. marvless's Avatar
    So sorry Destiny! I'm glad it wasn't as serious as you thought but wow what an ordeal. Congrats to you for keeping it all together. I hope the rest of the week is better for y'all.
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