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  1. cynm's Avatar
    yeah as u can see by what i am eating i am doing very low carb...it is so irritating!! thanks for giving ur experience
  2. taylorfam55's Avatar
    Try keeping carbs low for a week, then adding back in 1 carb at a time. Think first phase of South Beach.(there are lots of south beach ph 1 recipes online if you google it. ) I tried following Atkins but the fat levels were so high, it made me sick to my stomach and I gained on my p3, so I switched back to South Beach which worked for me. I stabilized 1 pound over my LTW. It worked for me, helped me to add my carbs back in slowly too with out gaining till I could tell what my triggers were. Good Luck stabilizing.
  3. cynm's Avatar
    Day 7 in p3...gained dramatically the first day but stayed below the 2 lbs until day before yesterday...
    having eggs, bacon, lamb, butter, cheddar cheese, maries blue cheese dressing on lettuce, chicken, beef, cocoa crack, cucumbers,
    i had some almonds a few days ago but realized they had carbs so cut them out
  4. DimePieceComing's Avatar
    What day are you on in P3? What have you been eating?
  5. destinyave's Avatar
    of course you can do it!! Look how far you come already! Just remember to take it slow! Welcome to P3!!
  6. Calythia's Avatar
    Yay for determination!!!! I am right behind you on day 13! Did you take your measurements before you started? Did you take them since? I'll bet that you have lost inches even though you are in the same size clothing. My jeans are still snug in the waist but I've noticing they are more roomy in the pocket area (I've got a belly) and the butt. I am one of the few people that enjoy the food.. so far anyway Stick to your guns, you can still make that 30 pound goal...
  7. Petitegirl's Avatar
    awh sorry for you! You are the only one who can pick your start date but you might want to consider starting when you get it. I mean by Xmas you could loose 15/20 pounds! Wouldnt that be worth it?! And yes, Xmas will be a challenge for all of us. Guessing that week the scale might not be as kind but then there is always the week after to get back on track! Better maybe to lose a lot, gain a little, then start to loose again then gain on top of your current weight. Something to consider. Good luck to you!
  8. cynm's Avatar
    still very confused about buying hcg online...i like alldaychemist out of the sites i have checked out but am scared to order
    mainly cause of the cc problems and having to get a money order is a pain..also going to be out of town for a week and worried it will come during that time and get sent back and i will have to pay shipping again ... poooh what to do what to do
  9. Renea Nave's Avatar
    Don't go through a dr. you will pay a fortune!! Here is the site that I use. HGCBASICS.COM It will tell you where to get you hgc and how to mix it. It is so easy!!!
  10. Dvdtrios's Avatar
    Congratulations on your first blog!!! I am in Ga so can't help you on the hunting but can tell u keep Persueing this! I'd love to find out also where to purchase online. I currently buy mine from a dr here locally but he's increasing price and I'm sure I can find cheaper!!