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  1. taylorfam55's Avatar
    Yep, I started this round with my husband which didnt work out well for us. He was starving the whole time and ate SOO much ! He lose exactly double what I did in the same amount of days eating more than me. I wanted it to work so badly I didnt think about his emotional/physological part of it, he quit after 6 days VLC. Its good now even though he has to cook breakfast every morning now (eggs and turkey bacon) and he is eating sugar free cookies/ puddings etc... which puts a huge temptation in front of me but he is stabile! His weight fluctuated a few days after he stopped but now its just staying the same! (I wouldnt be so lucky. ) Its not fair but Julie is right, its just the way it is. You can do this! Stick to it, it will work! Plus if you are hungry its not a bad thing to eat an extra couple bites of chicken or have some celery sticks to munch on etc... make your food interesting. Try that strawberry smoothie etc... your food gets boring and its hard to stick to eating like this for a long period of time. Someone once asked me while I was whining about something i "wanted" to eat, whats more important that "treat" or losing weight?
    Its tough love for me, currently having the largest craving of my life and going without daily... looking forward to the day I can endulge even if its just a bite, it will be the best bite EVER and I will feel so good being at my goal and getting that treat. Good Luck!
  2. Newjulie's Avatar
    Hi Robin, doing it together is both a blessing and a curse. I just read a post from someone who lost 5 lbs in 3 days and is unhappy BC her husband has lost lots more. That's just the way it is and quite annoying! I messed up in r2 also and am trying to correct now. Hang in there and get your head right. If you want to lose more wt, look at everything YOU are doing to see what's up. If you are losing,you are doing great!
  3. CBS's Avatar
    Hi Robin, men are frustrating to compare ourselves to...hahaha...among other things. My husband sits and eats a huge piece of apple pie every night and has trouble keeping weight on. It is nice that he is doing it with you though...and there to support you to keep at it.

    I hope tomorrow is better for you.
  4. HealthierMel's Avatar
    Good luck on a great round. It is so much better with support.
  5. Newjulie's Avatar
    Yes, I am planning to cycle 2 wks P2/1wk P3 if the results hold up. I looked at how much I lost in the first 2 wks of R1 and thought that would be good. I also read a lot of posts from other cyclers. Even if I lose 10 lbs per round, I will be very h appy with that. I think it may be easier on my body than going the 43 days @ 500 cals. ANd 10 lbs a month --- roughly --- is supposed to be an acceptable loss even in conventional medicine.

    I have not found the Full FF anywhere either. I settled on 2% and have been eating waaaayyyy too much of it. I didnt have any yesterday --- dont want to create an allergy. And my weight was up so wanted to cut back to just protein and veg. I am back within the 2 lbs again! WHEW! Where do you live? I am so lucky to be in a well populated area. I have all I could want at my fingertips. But with the internet, you do too! Ask your gorcer to order it for you.

    I have read that we can use the 0% fage in P3 but like anything, you will have to test it. I wil bet it will be ok for me. Coconut Oil is not m y friend in any Phase though. ALways gain or stall with that. I didnt test too much in p 4. Didnt have the desire or the appetite. Truthfully something has definitely chaged in my brain. If that is the work of the hypothalmus ---- then --- GOd bless it and where has it been all my life?

    OK gotta get back to work. Hope you continue to do well. Let me know when you start your next round! Julie
  6. robinjanae's Avatar
    Thanks Julie I think we will start R2 the beginning of February. Are you going to cycle with R2? I don’t think we will but it’s something I’ve thought about. How is P4 going for you? I’ve been looking for FFF but can’t find any around us. I wanted to try it so I bought the fat free kind today. I didn’t want to drive 2 hours to the city to go shopping. I’ll have to make a trip when we start P3 next time because I’m running out of things. I love almond flour! I bought some coconut flour last week (that’s all I could find here) but I don’t like it as much.
  7. Newjulie's Avatar
    Hey Robin, that's awesome and I love the new photo. You guys are doing great! When do you begin R2? I am jumping back in on 1/23 I think!

  8. robinjanae's Avatar
    Thanks Amy!!!!

    Thanks Julie!!! I'm feeling a bit better today thank goodness. I wouldn't miss the wedding for anything. I'd sit in the back of the church if I had too lol. My dress is a grayish color. I'll try to put a picture up sometime after the wedding if I can. It was funny when I was trying on close I had a bigger size up and the hubby didn't like it but when I put the smaller size on he fell in love with it.
    Hope you have a wonderful New Years
  9. Newjulie's Avatar
    Feel better Robin. I felt nauseous yesterday and wasn't sure why since I didn't eat all day ...steak day! I began taking some Ecinacea (sp?) and it seems to have passed. Maybe some extra vits would help. Don't want to be sick and miss the wedding and wearing your new dress! What color?
  10. amyvk's Avatar
    It sounds like you have done great! Congratulations. I hope you feel better soon.
  11. Newjulie's Avatar
    HI Robin, I am happy to hear your thoughts as you venture into P3. I am headed there on Monday. Eggs are the first thing I will test along with some cheese. I make frittata out of it--- an italian egg pie that you can load up with veggies and sprinkle some cheese on top for a crusty layer. I use them all the time and just slice a bit off for Breakfast. I use broccoli in mine. Sometimes cheese inside as well, if I am braver!
    I make cubed steak all the time too. I sautee some onions in the pan first with some low salt Worstechire (SP?) sauce and then throw the steaks right in with some more WS. YUMMY!. Sometimes, instead of WS, I use Smoky paprika --- gives it a nice Southwest flavor! OK Gotta stop, I am getting hungry!
    There is a great thread called Food **** with all kinds of recipes. Stop in there if you haven't already. Looking forward to hearing more! Oh and also interested if you lost more on the 3 VLCD wo the HCG? just wondering what to expect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Newjulie's Avatar
    Awwww, thank you! I feel the same way!
    Keep in touch thru P 3 .. I am going to try to continue to blog through p 3 so I have history. Also keeping a journal and write everything I eat and exercise and loss so I know what could work again!

    If you've faced pizza and. Christmas, the wedding will be a piece of cake! Hehehe
  13. robinjanae's Avatar
    Thanks Julie! I always look forward to hear from you or read how your day went. Your encouragment has helped me so much.

    I am excited about Christmas this year. I wont have as many temptation's like I would if I went back home but there still will be more than I would like to have. My in-laws are pretty understanding, thank goodness.

    I'm a little nervous about what will happen after Christmas because we will be going to another state for a wedding. That will be a true test for the hubby and me.
  14. Newjulie's Avatar
    You did great Robin! I am right behind you for P3! I only have 1 more day after today for drops --- just as freaked to leave P2. THe structure was comforting.
    With P3 being a little more freewheling it will pose some challenges especially for Christmas. THe amount of bagels, cookies and candy coming into the office and my house is incredible this year. OY!

    Keep up the great work and Yeah for your husband avoiding the pizza! That is my weakness too!
  15. HealthierHappierMe's Avatar
    Right now im at a bald eagle but my goal is between a sperm whales brain and an automobile tire lol
  16. Newjulie's Avatar
    Hey Robin! You are doing terrific! What are your Christmas plans?
  17. Kelllie's Avatar
    So far I have gotten rid of a Bald Eagle but when I am done with this I will have disposed of the amount of trash you throw away in a month LOL Thanks for sharing, fun
  18. captncrunch's Avatar
    I'm 3 lb's away from a gold brick, lol. And At goal I would've lost a new born calf...crazy!
  19. Newjulie's Avatar
    Its amazing how fast this went --- isnt it? We will be in P 3 in the blink of an eye! Yeah on the over 1 lb loss! I have to do a steak day now to get that. Good for you! Can you imagine if we did not make this decision to start on HCG. We would probably still be at the same weight we started out, trying to figure out if we should try one more diet before Christmas! OH well, thank God we are here together. Take care!
  20. curvygirl63's Avatar
    When I have cabbage I tend to lose the most. I even started using Napa Cabbage which is really good. I saute it or I use it as lettuce for a salad. Sorry to hear about the cucumber issue, how about trying tomatoes.
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