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  1. Mitzil's Avatar
    I think you may be right about toxins. I haven't had strawberries in 2 days and I have been taking Allegra. Hives have been gone for 24 hrs. So glad. It was miserable.
  2. captncrunch's Avatar
    I haven't gotten hives per say, but every round at about day 18 I I get a rash on my chest...Toxins are released as we lose fat and so I figure it's that, but it's possible they could be related.
  3. Mitzil's Avatar
    Thanks. I am staying away from strawberries right now to see if it helps. I will go organic if possible.
  4. ntg's Avatar
    my son often broke out in hives unexplainibly as did my mother, what we tracked it down to was the fruit, always bought the same fruit but the grocery store doesnt always get it from the same place, found that something in the pesticide or what ever... from the fruit from chile caused the hives, eliminated that and the hives went away. usually happened at this time of the year as well, so maybe its something specific to what they use down tehre. just a thought
  5. Mitzil's Avatar
    Thank you for the input. Makes me feel better about it.
  6. losn30's Avatar
    I travel a lot for work on airplanes and found that making (from supermarket bulk bins) large sized bags of mixed nuts worked great and the mozz cheese sticks worked perfect too. I also keep powdered protein shakes with me due to the liquid restrictions and just toss it in a bottle of h20 and shake. so many options for meat eaters to order grilled chicken salads, or burgers sans bun etc.. Loved P3! Especially while traveling. good luck
  7. Perseverance's Avatar
    P3 isn't that hard. Jst stick with protein, veggies, fat and some fruit. It is pretty easy to eat out though some airports may be a challenge. Add nuts and cheese in slowly. Just remember no sugar or starch.
  8. STL - Tracy's Avatar
    The best rule of thumb for the best results - IF IT'S NOT ON THE LIST, DON'T EAT IT! This plan was studied and researched for 4 decades and if it's not on the list, it's becasue Dr. Simeons found it to be unhelpful or detrimental to the diet.
    Good luck to you!
  9. STL - Tracy's Avatar
    From everything I've read, YES, you should stop taking your daily vitamins - especially the fish oil. Any oil in your system will quickly be grabbed onto and stored as fat. Also, I think the concern with outher vitamins is that they possibly have hidden sugars and starches. I gave up my one-a-day when I started P2, and will try add it back in when I get to P3. The only think I take currently is my HBP med and a potasium suppliment to help with muscle cramps. I've seen postings before with info about other suppliments you can use, but unfortunatly don't have the info here. I can say this though, I have only had an increase in my energy since starting, and truly believe that my improved eating of fruits and veggies have helped me stay healthy while all my co-workers have gotten sick recently.

    Best of Luck to you!!!
  10. somedaygirljoyl's Avatar
    I noticed that last night as well .. .this whole time I thought it was on there. Kind of bummed.