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  1. ktsueh's Avatar
    Thanks guys! I'll do that. God luck with your journey's!
  2. marvless's Avatar
    That's really cool you made it a point to check in a year later! You should also post on the Success Story section. I'm sure people would be inspired by your success.
  3. ldygeko's Avatar
    Thank you for coming back with an update! I wish more people did this! Congratulations on keeping it off - may this year go as well for you as last year did....
  4. ktsueh's Avatar
    Thanks ladies
    Faith- great!! It's good to look at the big picture instead of the day to day frustration if the scale isn't agreeing with you!
  5. Kellep's Avatar
    Yeah for you and that is encouraging to us all for our futures.
    Thanks for sharing.
  6. Faithful's Avatar
    Hey there! Good to "see" you! Glad to hear you are doing well.... awesome job maintaining! Obviously, your eating right for your body.

    It is so weird that you posted this today, because I just did the same exact thing this morning!!!
    My P3 has come to an end and I have been bouncing up and down and up and down and up and down and up... you get the picture! So this morning I averaged my P3 weights and came up with 184.9 lbs. My goal stabilizing weight is 185 (+/- 2). So overall, I guess I did pretty well, eventhough, I did do 3 steak correction days over the course of the 3 weeks. Heading into P4 will probably not change my eating too much. I will still do high protein and veggies, with low carbs mostly from fruits. I feel best when I eat this way. I will be doing one more round hHCG starting in May. II hope to lose atleast 20 more pounds. After that I will still have about 10-15 lbs. more to lose, but not sure I will be up to doing more HCG. I may try to just work it off the old fashion way!
    Please check in from time to time! It is good to hear from a familiar "friend"!
  7. emross82's Avatar
    lol, wow thats pretty awesome. good for you!
  8. ktsueh's Avatar
    Keep it up! You are doing awesome
  9. chunkynomore's Avatar
    Day 4- Darn shift button!
  10. chunkynomore's Avatar
    Yeah Im on D$ of P2-I just blogged-maintained pretty well-was 2.2 above LIW the day I started again. 2nd round is def different than the first. Weight is going very very very slloooooowwww lol
  11. ktsueh's Avatar
    Thanks! I'm going to try to come back in a few months and blog again. I think it's important so others don't think you either dropped off the face of the earth or assume you gained. IDK I kinda wish everyone would come back on here and give an update a year later or so. That would help a lot!

    Mel- I am hoping to slowly just become "aware" instead of obsessed. Being aware is definitely a good thing.
    Loul29- Phase 3 was harder for me. I became gutsy enough the last week of it that I wasn't as nervous about phase 4.
    chunkyNOmore- are you doing another round yet? How did you maintain with your last??
  12. chunkynomore's Avatar
    Glad to hear you're still doing so well! Congrats, and thanks for the update!
  13. Loul29's Avatar
    You have done so well! Way to go! I know what you mean about thinking what the scale is going to read and becoming almost obsessive about it. I fear that I will be like that for the rest of my life and I really really really do not want to and can't even think about living everyday worried about my weight going up. Did you find Phase 3 harder than Phase 4 or about the same?
  14. HealthierMel's Avatar
    Thank you for coming back and giving us an update. . . It is great that we know that this works but we need to know how it works out in the long run.

    I feel like I will always be "aware" of the numbers on the scale . . . and I am ok with that
  15. Faithful's Avatar
    I suppose you could put stevia in it if you prefer sweetened PB.
    Years ago I switched from Skippy PB to natural peanut butter. It didn't take long to get used to the different taste, and now I can't stand popular store brand PB... yuck - tastes toxic! Usually the biggest complaint with natural PB is not the lack of sweetness, but the fact that the oil separates and you need to stir it in. Also, I refrigerate the natural PB and it gets kind of hard to spread on bread.
    Personally, I would mix natural PB with that Cocoa crack... I bet it would taste like a Reeses PB cup candy! I LOOOOVE Chocolate and PB together! OK I need to stop before I start drooling on my keyboard! I am still in P2 and have 24 days left... I must stop thinking about yummy treats!
  16. ktsueh's Avatar
    I didn't even think about fennel! I just bought some too, lol. Next batch... I might of put garlic in it, I'm not sure I just know it's really good I bought natural pb but have yet to try it. Still slowly adding those risky foods then I'll try it. I'm so excited to add to the celery, I don't like it plain. It will be wonderful to be able to snack on that and pistachios It's a great way to up the calories without eating so much meat. I looooove cocoa crack tho. And actually I bought the tasteless coconut oil and it tastes so sugary and good. I love it. I don't like coconut so I'm glad it doesn't have that flavor. Life is good right now And like I said, cuz I have to be prepared- if I gain a little, I'll balance it out. It'll be ok!!

    About the natural pb, do you think it would be good with stevia? Since pb has sugar in it (the regular kind) I was just curious...
  17. Faithful's Avatar
    YAY! What a comfortable place to be weight wise... breathe easy for a while. I am glad P3 is going easier for you now and some of the uncertainty and anxiety have passed. Enjoy your healthy fat foods... I can't wait to get to P3! I am really missing natural peanut butter for some reason... love it on celery!
    I have also made my own sausage in the past, so much better than store bought. If you add fennel and garlic to the spice mix you get Italian sausage!
  18. ktsueh's Avatar
    As Rachel Ray would say "EVOO", I just call it that too, it's extra virgin olive oil. I use that, coconut oil, and butter in ph 3
  19. mcrider1996's Avatar
    Great job! I wrote down your sausage recipe sounds good. I start P3 next week. Can't wait to add this into my meals. Yum....breakfast...can't wait lol
    I have probably a dumb question but what is EVOO ?
  20. ktsueh's Avatar
    I don't feel too silly! Of course, we have had it for a few years and I'm used to seeing my kids play it all the time. This workout tho, is great. You don't hold the remote for it, so you don't have to worry about it not getting your movements right. It's basically a made for you exercise video. I'm so excited about it. I committed (on the program) to 45 min mon, wed, fri. But I'm so excited about it, I'm gonna workout again tomorrow (if I'm not too sore).

    I hope I'm stabilizing!! I'm just going to try to stay positive if something causes a gain and just try to get back on track
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