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  1. Faithful's Avatar
    AWESOME! It is always encouraging to break through to a lower number. Keep up the good work!
  2. ktsueh's Avatar
    Thanks UGH cooking for the family... sucks! I make pizza once a week and about die watching them eat it lol. Sometimes it's necessary for me to taste what I'm cooking, like chili, make sure the seasoning is right. But all i do it barely lick the spoon. It's very hard, but it IS getting easier every day! I really have started to enjoy the food I "get" to have, so I look forward to eating it, it's just hard when their food smells so good! I also try to make foods for them similar to what I'm having (chili, hamburgers, meatloaf, chicken strips) that way I don't feel quite so much like the odd man out. Good luck to you, what day are you on?
  3. NOEMICATT's Avatar
    Good for you =)
    so give me tips on how you deal with cooking for your family and not being tempted on joining them for dinner. My biggest challege is not being able to taste the food when I cook for my family lol
  4. ktsueh's Avatar
    THanks! They will fall off, quickly! I miss my load days! SO many thing I wish I had eaten lol
  5. Faithful's Avatar
    So glad to hear you are having great success and that this stuff really works fast! It appears that you will reach your goal-YEAH!
    I just started my first loading day today and feel stuffed!
    I took my starting measurements today. Can't wait until the pounds and inches start falling off.
  6. ktsueh's Avatar
    It feels great! I had about 28 to lose to be at my ultimate goal, but I'll be happy at 145 (with the help of hcg) until I can get there.

    You are doing awesome!! You will feel like a different person, and soon! This stuff works fast! I told my husband I am 1.5lbs away from being in the 140's and he said, that seems like it went really fast! I said, it did, 14 days ago I was nearly 164lbs! lol
  7. ashlei88's Avatar
    I only measure my waist. I figure I'll eyeball everything else. Congrats again on being close to goal! How does it feel? Did you have more than 30lbs to lose? I have 50lbs, well 39lbs left till goal and I can't wait to get there!
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