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  1. Woodrow's Avatar
    I know its a bit late but what I found out when I did my stabilizing days for 6 weeks, is that I could have a glass or bottle of wine after about 4 weeks with no gain, I still stuck to eating what I was supposed to for the no sugar no carbs. And I did not include them that much, once a week maybe, but I read that alochol over a certain percentage contains little to NO carbohydrates, but I am talking whiskey, vodka, tequila, nothing that is flavored afer words and no mixed drinks (obviously). And I took what Dr. Simeons said to heart, with the food and stablizing etc... I do it all the way he said or not at all. thats just the way I am. I did though have one hot dog or hamburger at a cook out and I was lucky enough to not gain, but then again unfortunately men tend to do better on this diet, possibly because we never have hcg naturally in our system...
    Anyway congratulations on the correction, it puts us down when we see the scale corrulate to what we eat, especially when things are so tasty.
  2. Cpow's Avatar
    You might want to join one of these threads: "BEGINNING ROUND 2 - With 80+ to loose, Come join the Journey" or "Come one come all, lets continue to share our journeys!!" I have found they very encouraging. I'm 12 days into Round 2... 13 pounds down so far! I'm thrilled! Hope your R2 works as well for you!
  3. Susi Ellem's Avatar
    I am really happy for you!!!
  4. justjoan060's Avatar
    I personally can not get by with ANY sugar or carbs or I gain! And when you're a carb addict, it's a slippery slope. I'm going to be doing another round I didn't think I'd have to because I've been comfort eating due to personal problems. BUMMER!! Hang in there!
  5. mcrider1996's Avatar
    To me it sounds like you are doing great. You are staying within the -2 +2 pds on P3 like it says you should do.
  6. emross82's Avatar
    sounds like a plan, i think the point of p3 is to just slowly add stuff in and not go above the 2 pounds so we dont go buck wild. I dont think a sugar treat or small starch is going to blow it as long as you stay within the 2 pounds. Now I was p3 perfect my first round. i checked labels as an OCD person would. however I dont know if i will be this round. it drives me mental. im going to do mainly low carb and low sugar and treat ( very small) if I need to. most of the time when i allow a time room for a treat, i dont want it as much. Mind tricks are so fun.
  7. mofrodabetta's Avatar
    Try writing down what you eat thru the day..sometimes having it in front of you makes you realize what you are doing and the more you write the more you might be able to realize that you are not hungry.. You may also want to look further into why you are eating what you are eating..you know you don't need it so what is making you want it? Is it comfort for something bigger that is going on..the sooner you can figure it out the sooner you have control of it! Good luck!
  8. Susi Ellem's Avatar
    I am glad you are back in track and hanging in there!!
    Take care
  9. Kellep's Avatar
    Good for you for learning from the experience and getting right back at it. I think it is a journey and there will be bumps in the road along the way, but if we learn from them and correc them that will make all the difference. So kudos for getting back on track. Now you know that sugar makes you feel sick too, that will help avoid it. :-)
  10. Susi Ellem's Avatar
    Hummmm.... butter!!! Look like you really enjoyed that
    Today is my first day and so far I am not hungry and no headache.... I am keeping my fingers crossed
    Enjoy your Sunday with lots of good foods
  11. Faithful's Avatar
    Yes, it came off the next day. Today I started P3 at 183.6 pounds.
  12. Sam_Goldie's Avatar
    How did it go, did it drop back off?
  13. Faithful's Avatar
    NewMeSoon: I had planned a 40 day round on my homeopathic drops, but since I was feeling good and still losing I decided to keep going for a few more days, in order to use up my open bottle of drops.

    Loul29: This is the easiest and fastest way I have ever lost 26 pounds! If you set your mind to it and stay focused it does get easier. I just sort of fell into a daily routine and kept eating the same 4 or 5 meals over and over and over....before I knew it 40 days were over! You Can Do It Too!
  14. Loul29's Avatar
    That's awesome! I bet that required a lot of hard work and effort but I see it is totally worth it from your success. You have allowed me to think that a 40 day round IS possible! I had my doubts because its just so HARD the first two weeks! Let us know how P3 works out for you! Wish you the best!
  15. New Me Soon's Avatar
    good job...yea 46 days is long...I only do 25 day rounds. It is hard on the body...good luck in P3!
  16. photogfrog's Avatar
    Well done!!! 2 clothing sizes is awesome!!!
  17. Loul29's Avatar
    Thank you. I was wondering because I may go for a 40 day round instead of a 30 day round because of a cheat. Hope its going well!
  18. Faithful's Avatar
    Yes, I have taken my homeopathic Hcg drops every single day, 3 times per day. A round is suppose to be 40 days and then move into P3. I am just going a little longer to finish up my open bottle of drops. Since I am still losing weight and not starving, I guess it is OK.
  19. Loul29's Avatar
    Congratulations on such incredible weight loss! I was wondering if you took the drops everyday or held off for one day every week to prevent your body from becoming immune to the drops? Thanks!
  20. photogfrog's Avatar
    WELL DONE!!!

    I am in P3 now as well and struggling to eat enough! Who thought I would ever say THAT?!

    I made cocoa crack the other day. For you chocoholics, it might help.
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