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  1. hsm's Avatar
    aww! Thanks Lou - you are too sweet!
  2. Loul29's Avatar
    I am counting down the days for you too! WOHO!!!
  3. hsm's Avatar
    thanks mofro! It my second TOM since I went into P3?? yikes! and I did add fage yesterday - plus had ranch dressing that I didn't make - which I understand is a nono - I went ahead and did the steak day....am hoping that it will help me get closer to my LDW - ugh - I have been hanging out above since I went into P3 - and would so feel better BELOW!

    in any case - thanks for your reply tho - and I appreciate the input - cuz I thought it was steak day -no matter what...wasn't as bad as I thought - it was actually nice not to feel so full all day today - of course - its 8:30 and I am still stuffed - at my steak at 6!
  4. mofrodabetta's Avatar
    Also..if it is tom related the steak day is not really necessary..I don't do correction days when I know toms the culprit..your body naturally retains water and such during your cycle and will release it when its over, good luck
  5. mofrodabetta's Avatar
    I gain close to 2 or 3 lbs when tom shows..it usually has nothing to do with what I ate. then it usuall takes about 2 or 3 days after tom for my weight to return to normal..if you are eating what you normally do and are staying away from sugars and starches you will be fine. Don't fret Tom is a pain but things will go back to normal!
  6. mofrodabetta's Avatar
    I was hesitant when at first I added too but I remember when I read the protocol that if you don't eat enough your body will hold onto the foods you do eat, as if it were in starvation mode..I'm glad it helped you!
  7. hsm's Avatar
    thanks Perserverance - I am trying to tell myself that - ugh - just so would like to be below LDW! but thanks for the words of encouragement! - and Lou - what a great cheerleader you are!
  8. Perseverance's Avatar
    Yes and the idea is to stabalize so don't beat yourself up if you don't lose you are not suppose to you are suppose to stay the same. You are doing great!
  9. Loul29's Avatar
    You are oh so close to finishing P3 on such a great note! Keep it up! One more week! YAY
  10. hsm's Avatar
    I know right? sheesh! just hope it keeps up!
  11. Loul29's Avatar
    I am oh so happy for you I bet that gave you a sense of relief! I think the fage should help with that issue. I know the cocoa powder I constantly eat now def. helps for me hehehe. Wow, 8 days left only! That went by FAST! What's the plan after?????
  12. Loul29's Avatar
    Oh that's wonderful! Yay!!!!!! Who would have ever thought that eating MORE means weighing LESS! That sounds like heaven to me
  13. hsm's Avatar
    oh Lou!! You are soo sweet - how was your morning weigh in?? You won't believe this - I was actually down .2!! I am telling you - I went to bed near tears because I thought I was soo stupid to not pay closer attention....and I am down - not much - but still down - AND - I am still having ...er...regularity issues....I am trying to deal with those - but have not been entirely successful - and I was thinking just the weight of all the food I ate yesterday would cause a gain........
    sooo....yeah....think I am going to duplicate today as closely as I can....except I am going to add fage......
    I love P3 - 8 more days!!!!
  14. Loul29's Avatar
    How did it go this morning? Hope everything is well
  15. Loul29's Avatar
    That sounds so much like me. A kind of "all or nothing" phenomenon. That has ultimately brought me to such a bad place in my life regarding my health and body image. I am getting better though! I am glad to hear that P3 isn't as hard as I might have expected and I totally understand the worry part of it all. I guess I'll have to see how I do once I get there. I gotta finish P2 first! :P
  16. hsm's Avatar
    oh my Lou - I don't have willpower at all - BUT - I do know myself - and that is key. I know that if I have one bite - I will eat many more - and if I don't have ANY - I will have none...that was a hard thing to learn. I have a group of friends, and of course, we all diet...most of them can measure out 1/2 cup of mashed potatoes - or eat 2 cookies...not me...if I eat 2 - i will eat them all!! it is much better for me to have none! You need to figure out what works for you - and just do it. I have had lots of years to learn me - and I feel for you - because I remember being where you are now...soo wish I had learned at a younger age - as I might not have had the battles I have had. I soo encourage you to figure it out now.....and learn what your triggers are - and know that nothing worth having is easy.
    and btw - P3 has really not been hard - I have not been hungry at all...the hardest part is really the nervousness about doing something wrong....and I have been fine with food - as long as its not in front of me...then, yeah, its hard...but I just keep thinking...I don't wanna go back to a size 16!!!
    You can do this - you have the power within you - you just have to decide to use it!
  17. Loul29's Avatar
    I am happy that you are stabilizing well I think adding some extra calories is a great idea. I read various blogs about people gaining weight over a period of time on P3 because of not enough calories. Gosh, P3 sounds so hard! I'm scared! I am wondering if this is how it is in P4..can we never enjoy the little things such as a piece of chocolate or whatever without gaining a single pound???! Oh, the agony! I hope that this is all temporary. They do say that P3 can be the most difficult. Right now though, I see it not getting harder than P2. Its agonizing my friend! But on a serious note, you are doing AMAZING. Really. You have so much willpower that I would die to have. Keep it up !!
  18. Loul29's Avatar
    Oh man! Talk about temptation! Happy you didn't give in though as for how much I want to lose, I think I would be happy with 20 pounds. So, 14 more pounds to go! I hope I can lose them in twenty days! I know, it seems like mission impossible but who knows!
  19. hsm's Avatar
    hey Lou....sounds like you have a plan - and I am sure that you will be thrilled with your day 10 loss! How much do you want to lose? and yeah, P2 gets old quick - but you can do it - remember eat to live, not live to eat! Hope you had a great day!! mine was long - had a meeting at the golden coral....they had a chocolate fountain...yikes...considered sticking my mouth under it!!!
  20. mofrodabetta's Avatar
    I don't really count carbs as long as they are coming from apples and veggies.. A typical menu for me is four eggs in the morning with a lil shredded cheddar, my first snack I will have a large apple, if I have a second snack it would be veggies such as broccoli and cauliflower raw with ranch or blue cheese dip( the ranch I get is Cindy's Kitchen all natural buttermilk ranch, found in the refrigerated section of my health food store, no soy bean anything) For lunch I will have a large chicken salad,or tuna salad made with mayo and about a half cup of berries.. Dinner is steak or salmon or chicken cooked in coconut oil and more veggies..I eat a good amount of protein and non starchy veggies and fruit..the more fiber a fruit or veggie has the better..also keeps things moving..try ground flax in a protein shake or in your salads for added fiber..and don't count calories..eat until you are satisfied and not full!! As long as you eat the right foods for you calories really shouldn't matter..good luck
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