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  1. hsm's Avatar
    Lou - just checking in - saad to see that you are still struggling. I have been really busy with work - and just have not had time to be here. I am doing well in P4 - have had a few steak days - but most have been TOM related......I am eating at least 2000 calories per day, sometimes more. I am telling you this - because I am worried about you - and I think that you are struggling with more than just weight issues. If you focus - get thru P2 - and follow the plan - you will do well. If you don't - you can't beat yourself up about it - you are a beautiful girl - and if you end up weighing 122lbs - you will be what 90% of women in the country dream of being! You are truly not overweight - I hope you will consider seeking some help with all this - you need to love you....whatever your weight. Take it from me - someone who has struggled with weight all of her life - and I sooo wish I could be thinner - and I love that hcg has helped me get to a better weight - but - if it hadn't - I would just keep trying the good old fashioned way! Get some help girlie.....you truly are a beauty - and you need to see yourself thru the eyes of someone else....
  2. emross82's Avatar
    Just staying strong instead of letting your mind mess you up into a binge is a huge accomplishment. Fully understand that. Good for you.
  3. Loul29's Avatar
    Thank you. That's really reassuring. I will keep going strong!
  4. American_ily's Avatar
    Omg, you are at your perfect weight for your height! That's awesome!

  5. pccharnley's Avatar
    Hi Lou, I hope that you are doing better today. From what I understand (and I've never been there), but the closer you are to your goal, the slower the weight loss. You are doing great! I know this one lady is sooo close to her goal, had weeks of stalls and small losses but she finished the round she was on and was able to lose a few more lbs the first week of P3 and is currently stabilizing.. I think everyone's body is different, but just wanted you to know about her.. I'd drink more water and change up what I am eating to maybe trick my body a bit too
  6. Loul29's Avatar
    I am the same way. It's that all or nothing attitude that I need to fix. I did try the fff day and lost a pound but this morning have remained the same weight. Oh well. I am starting to get that thinking if this is worth it when losing so little. But I know that if I were to get off protocol right now, I wouldn't make it and return to my old habits. I am doing MUCH better to say the very least. Previously, had this happened to me, I would have said forget it and binged. I will try to continue strong.
  7. emross82's Avatar
    I always lost around 2 pounds a week but got great results from fff days ( up to 2 pounds) so if I didnt do those..id be in a situation where id be thinking, " why am i doing this for 2 pounds, i can lose that on my own" but like you said, this helps mentally for me. I am a binge eater. I am structured to a t...nothing can break me for weeks..months, and then when I fall off.. i FALL off. So This helps me heal mentally sometimes. Keep it up, do whats right for you and know this sint about the number as much as how you feel. I got caught up in the number game and it threw my mental game off..i gained back a decent amount and now id give anything to be back where I was when I thought it wasnt "good enough"
  8. Loul29's Avatar
    You are right. I should be thinking about changing my eating habits rather than a darn number on a scale. I don't plan on looking at the scale again anytime soon. I just want to concentrate on how I great I feel now compared to how I felt before HCG. Thank you for the encouragement. It was much needed!
  9. hopdog's Avatar
    Lou I think you probably look GREAT as you are! Just keep going and see what your end weight is......we would never be able to lose this much weight without hcg. Also don't forget it is about changing bad eating habits. If you succeed with that then u may lose more in phase3. Don't be sooooo hard on yourself. I see in your posts to others that you put others needs before yours, I was the same way. Take care of Lou for once and everything else will fall into place.
  10. Loul29's Avatar
    I think you are right--113 may be too low. I am 5'4'' but have a body type of a pear..nothing on top but plenty on the bottom LOL. I was in the 112-114 range about a year ago and found that I was happy with the way my body looked but it was hard to maintain. I was also happy in the 115-117 range as well so I would be very pleased if I could make it to that. I think I will adjust my goal and see how far I can get. I believe my body is having trouble getting below this weight because this was my weight for a long period of time. Even at 121, I still have too much of a bottom. I wish I could trade that for some on top! Ha. Thank you for that, greatly appreciated. Made me second guess myself and my goal. I think 115-117 is a more realistic goal. Also, relieved to hear that I can still continue to lose a bit more and stabilize well in P3. I hope you are doing well!!
  11. hsm's Avatar
    Lou - how tall are you? 113 is awfully little! will tell you - that it seems of the people in my group the average losses have been the same - but those who had stalls in P2 seem to be stabilizing better - just something we noticed. Most who had the stalls - finished the stall with a nice loss - I had a stall in week 2 - it ended up being because of TOM. Just wondering if you are trying to lose too much weight??
  12. hsm's Avatar
    hey Lou!! soo excited to hear that you are doing well and on track. I hope you are taking it one day at a time - celebrating each days success - and knowing that each day you get stronger. Don't get soo up that if you have a small setback - that it sends you spinning tho - thats why one day at a time works best. Anxious to hear how you did over the holiday. I continue to maintain - slowly adding back in foods. I have found that I really don't want the starch and the sugars - so I am not really adding them in. I did have a few bites of everything at our family Easter - and truly - it didn't do anything for me - was just as happy with the meat and veggies. Trying to live the "nothing tastes as good as thin feels" mantra - and it is working so far....but again - one day at a time.....
    watching to see how it all turns out for you! take care!
  13. Loul29's Avatar
    Ily: thank you <3 happy Easter to you and your loved ones.

    Julie: thanks! It was a long tough road before I got here but well worth it. I still have ways to go and the process of healing continues but you guys have helped me tremendously! I will be forever grateful.
  14. Newjulie's Avatar
    So happy for you! Glad you found your way. HCG is a great tool...the forum can provide lots of knowledge and support but it's up to each of us to find our own path and do the work. Congratulations!
  15. American_ily's Avatar
    Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT JOB AND CONGRATS!!!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!


  16. Loul29's Avatar
    Thanks guys
  17. bebifal's Avatar
    That awesome Lou!!!!
  18. hopdog's Avatar
    GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I read the same book as you and it put a different view on EVERYTHING.
  19. Kellep's Avatar
    I think when you lower your dose I read somewhere that you should skip a day then lower it? Not sure. Also you are getting hungry at the exact time that I was - your normal reserves are gone I bet and maybe you should up your protein a bit. That is what my doctor told me it wasn't enough protein for me. Good luck I hope you feel better because I do know being hungry sucks!!
  20. hsm's Avatar
    woohoo!!! sooo excited for you! latch onto this success and keep it close to you when you are tempted to stray! That is sooo awesome Lou - I am soo happy for you ! I knew you could do it - one day at a time girlie and you will be there!!
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