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  1. Kahlan's Avatar
    I'm so proud of you for sticking to it so completely! I'm hoping to do the same this round. I also think I'm going to stop weighing in every day in a week or so. Glad you've been losing so well!
  2. justjoan060's Avatar
    Thanks for the info! I'm really looking forward to it - it's my kind of food! I'm really looking into eating primal long term. I bought the Primal Blueprint book tonight. Good luck this round!!!!
  3. Kellep's Avatar
    Yes, I just went right into it. It didn't seem to affect my stabalization - maybe helped it. I never went up more then a pound - even eating this huge BAB.. I thought I would but didn't. I ate and ate it seemed. I do believe my body has changed and the leptin reset worked for me. I'm now a fat burner again - I did lose 2.5 pounds in P3 doing the leptin reset and I was trying hard to keep my weight up.

    I think you should go right into it too. That seems to be best from what I've heard. That is what Many do. I think it will be harder now going back to no breakfast again. Funny but I always wake up starving after the leptin reset, before I was never hungry in the AM - another reason I believe it did work..
    Good luck in P3 - on leptin reset you will find it a breeze!!
  4. justjoan060's Avatar
    That swinging back and forth between huge breakfast to no breakfast has confused me too! I haven't done LR yet, but plan to when this round is over. Did you jump right into BAB the first day or LR, which would be the 4th day after hcg? I haven't quite found an answer to that.
  5. Kellep's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ziamei
    I feel like this was meant for me, but I could be wrong. Oh well I'll comment anyway!
    How long are you planning on going this round 2?!
    Yes, sorry I forgot to add your name! I am going to go 23-30 days this round, depends on how I am doing.
    I started loading today and I joined a thread in forum - P2 - starting May4/5, but some are starting this weekend also..
  6. ziamei's Avatar
    I feel like this was meant for me, but I could be wrong. Oh well I'll comment anyway!
    How long are you planning on going this round 2?!
  7. linchar's Avatar
    Good job )
  8. Cpow's Avatar
    I have already loaded... and I ate all the things I have been missing! I had waffles, drenched in butter & syrup; Chinese food; mini cream filled puffs; fried chicken w/mashed potatoes & gravy; fish & chips & ice cream... As I have read it, loading is supposed to be fat-filled foods - and I did that! I'm not sure that is correct, but I'm loosing - so I'll take it!

    BTW, VLCD, day 3 - I lost another 1.4# - grand total of 5.6 (including loading weight) in 3 days. I'm good with that!
  9. linchar's Avatar
    It sounds like I'm on the exact same tract as you, loading 4/28 & 29 from phase 3 going back to phase 2. I wondering how you're going to approach your loading. Are you going to stick to phase 3 foods? I'm undecided as to how to go about it. Right now I'm leaning toward just trying to increase my phase 3 food intake but I already eat quite a bit and haven't gained any weight since my LDW so.....
  10. Cpow's Avatar
    I am in day 3 VLCD of round 2. I too began my round 2 under my LDW - by one pound. I gained 4 pounds during loading. On day 2 I had dropped the load weight, plus .2. So I am officially .2 into new territory!! Whaaa-hoo!

    I am finding that it is taking a little time to get re-used to the protocol. The first day I was hungry... but I figured it was just my tummy coming off my p4 eating. The second day was better. I'm having to fight the "munchies" in the evening. On p4 I could eat some almonds, or pork rinds or some salami & cheese - but now, nothing.... except a piece of fruit. But I made it before... and I'll make it again. So will you!!
    Round 1 Began Jan 16- P2,3,&4: -27.8
    Round 2 - April 21; Post Load +4
    Round 2 - VLCD day 1: -3
    Round 2 - VLCD day 2: -1.2
    Total loss: 28 lbs Total inches lost: 24 ¼”
    “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin..” Zechariah 4:10
  11. mcrider1996's Avatar
    Great job Kelly
  12. American_ily's Avatar
    Yayyy!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Great jobb!!! I know this is exciting!!!

  13. HealthierMel's Avatar
    Congratulations on your milestone.
  14. American_ily's Avatar
    Wow, I know that must be VERY frustrating not losing! I definitely give you kuddos with the positive outlook! You are very encouraging with how you are handling your non-losing! Yes, hard work and dedication! Thank you for being so uplifting!

    God bless you on your journey and I wish you success!!

  15. Loul29's Avatar
    It must feel amazing to have accomplished three weeks already!

    Weekends are a huge struggle for me too and I have yet to not binge on one. I am going to succeed this time no matter what. I hope that you find this weekend to not be difficult. I am going to occupy myself with this forum and possibly enjoy this weather.

    Take care!
  16. mofrodabetta's Avatar
    I commented on a post earlier this week to someone who wanted to do an apple day a week..I told them I didn't think it was a very good idea because this diet is already restricting the protien and apple days take away from that..I am so glad to hear your doctor confirm this and that you got the help you needed to move forward..I am also so glad you posted this to help others!!!
  17. Kellep's Avatar
    Yes and I need to order more Jay Robb - I do like his shakes, the one I'm doing now is called Pure Protein - it is really good too. Only 6 grams of carbs, nothing artificial or harmful either.
    Thanks yes, More protein " I don't mind either". I feel much better today.
  18. Faithful's Avatar
    After my first week on this diet, I realized I needed more protein... and I needed it in the morning. I added a Jay Robb protein shake every morning. It worked great for me!
  19. emross82's Avatar
    I do better with more protien and less fruit. I dont mind at all
  20. Jarret's Avatar
    Sorry for the error but I think it is fixed now.

    Ended up leaving town for a conference on Friday and of course the forum decided to blow up while I'm away
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