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  1. halvy's Avatar
    Hi, I am new here! 10 days into the diet and down 10 lbs but have been cheating with wine. Stalled for a couple days but losing agin today. The hardest part of this diet for me is not having wine and getting bored with the food. Any suggestions?
  2. Rizzo542's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Yomna
    am on my 2nd week and i am having a lot of trouble controlling my hunger i dunno wt to do i drink lots f water but it only makes me more hungry i have to lose the weight and i want to but i dunno why this round is just harder . Do you have any advise for me to keep myself going i used to b very strict the first 2 rounds but i dunno this round i keep sneaking in some sweets and carbs ... i really am desperate and i dunno wt to do
    It sounds like you need to adjust your dose. are you on the shots or on drops? usually around week two you need to lessen your dose as it has built up in your system.. I would try skipping a dose and then lessening the amount you are taking. I don't do shots so the dosing there is foreign to me.. You should go into grammys group and ask her there. she gets back to you very quickly.
  3. Yomna's Avatar
    am on my 2nd week and i am having a lot of trouble controlling my hunger i dunno wt to do i drink lots f water but it only makes me more hungry i have to lose the weight and i want to but i dunno why this round is just harder . Do you have any advise for me to keep myself going i used to b very strict the first 2 rounds but i dunno this round i keep sneaking in some sweets and carbs ... i really am desperate and i dunno wt to do
  4. Jamie Simcik Sherer's Avatar
    I'm new too and need support!
  5. fromlayla's Avatar
    Hi, I see that you are just starting a round, are you working with an accountability group/partner or anything? I'm starting day 1 today of VLCD... again... and just trying to reach out for support. I was thinking about maybe starting a new thread in the accountability section, but just thought I might ask you if there is already one started around here, since you are just starting a new round too!
  6. kapluzie123's Avatar
    New Blender!! The things we get excited about- lol... I know how you feel, I recently purchased a vitamix-- and I was so excited to use it, and I now look forward to using it again in P3.
    Going out to dinner on P3... so much fun! As far as the weighing, I did that on one P3 and failed miserably. I get not wanting to weigh in everyday, but you may want to weigh in more than 1 X week- because if you have any issues with food, it will be easier to catch and correct. Also, I never had issues with food when I first started, but the more I lost, the more I became sensitive. Just a thought. I don't want you to regain only to start another round at a higher start weight.
    Congrats on being down 2 sizes!! That's WONDERFUL!! Doing a happy dance for you.
    I found that the smaller I got, the clothing that I once thought that I couldn't wear-- now I can.. our bodies truly do reshape. My advice is to buy just a few things that you can wear for the next 2 rounds-- leggings and long skirts... if you can wear that with work. It can get quite costly to buy clothes every 2 sizes.. because the more you lose-- the more quickly the sizes go down. If that makes any sense to you...
    I look forward to going through the journey with you again in the spring.

    I should be in P3 in about 2 weeks...
  7. Daisykt's Avatar
    I agree,please don't stop or get discouraged!! I had similar issues about 5 years ago when I did HCG first time. In past year after medical problems I have gained weight and now am starting 3rd week of Phase 2. First time did not lose what I expected but phase 3 was where the weight kept coming off and I could exercise more. I then maintained a healthy eating plan until last year. Some people may have miracles happen I guess but .... not often. Also, I think it depends on how much weight you need to lose. An example: My husband gained more weight than I did this past year (comfort food eating) and needs to lose 50 lbs to my 30lbs. He has lost 23 lbs in 2 weeks to my 7.5lbs. Stay the course and don't overthink it day to day.
  8. kapluzie123's Avatar
    Rizzo- don't give up too quickly.. These last few days, your body is reshaping and you may still lose more. The losses certainly do slow down, but that shouldn't be your reason to stop. If you want those last 5 pounds-- stick it out, you just may get them.
  9. kapluzie123's Avatar
    Stay positive my friend--
  10. kapluzie123's Avatar
    Rizzo, I feel ya girl! My family is all about the weight. Always comparing the chunky ones to the thin ones.. oh, why can't you be more like so and so.. and the thin ones-- you could eat a little more. I NEVER learned the proper way to eat and view food while I was growing up. Weight issues all around me but never education. Even now, my grandma- who is 97, will ask me what size I'm wearing when I speak to her. She always wants to know if I gained the weight back. UGH!!
    You'll get there... and I'll be cheering you on the whole way. You're doing great!!!

    I'm having thoughts about getting into P3 as well. Ugh, I'm only half way done.. but the weight loss has certainly slowed down.. and I think that's what makes it so hard for me.. but I know I need to finish strong.. to stabilize properly.
    HUGE mistake tonight-- made lasagna for the family--HUGE MISTAKE-- it smelled sooo good. but I was good and didn't have any!!
  11. kapluzie123's Avatar
    I know the frustration of the scale not moving.. but in those times I truly believe that our bodies are adjusting to our new weight. I also know that doesn't make you feel better when you get on that scale and NOTHING.. I'm confident that it won't be long before you see that downward movement again.
    I too am waiting on TOM. He's late.. just like a guy huh?! we must be on the same projectory.
  12. kapluzie123's Avatar
    Did I read your blog correctly-- are you aiming for more than the 34 pounds in a round?
    well if you can do it, why not?! As long as you stabilize-- and you seem to have no issues at all..
  13. SubtleGlow's Avatar
    Congrats on your progress, not to mention your resolve considering you are a chef and must look at all kinds of tempting items day after day. That takes serious willpower, not to mention dedication. I am also considering doing another round after the holidays - I was thinking of planning the load days for New Year's Even and New Year's Day. Like you, I haven't seen the 140's in probably 5 years or so, though don't tell the DMV that HAHA.

    You are well on your way - keep it up!
  14. Tiffy's Avatar
    Good luck! Sounds like you are doing really well so far. I've gained a lot of weight in the last six months too! Heavier than I've ever been so I feel your pain. And you're right. Just take it one day at a time.
  15. Brokenhearted's Avatar
    Can't wait to join you in P3! I'm at the beginning of my transition off the drops. Dreaming of butter and cheese!
  16. ely's Avatar
    Congrats on your weight loss. keep it up!
  17. Brokenhearted's Avatar
    I'm in about the same situation. 180.2 today at 5'7", day 23 and I want to lose just as much. We can do it lol even if it gets annoying. My pants threaten to fall off daily but I actually really like it cause it shows how much I've lost! Good luck to ya, I hope we can both reach our goals.
  18. Rizzo542's Avatar
    I didn't cheat yesterday i made it through.. I had some sashimi so I guess you can call it cheating cuz i had salmon and tuna as well. I didn't gain like I th ought I was going to but I didn't lose either.. I reallly needed the extra protein I think. I'm alright with that. 17 pouns in 23 or soemthing days is great. My body just needs to catch up. Hopefully i am losing inches. I feel much better this morning. Boy I was sure cranky and hungry. Then my husband got home at 3 in the morning and was cooking an omelet and wanted to eat it next to me in bed. I promptly kicked him out. So today is a new day. no cheats which i am happy about. wheew here's to another 3 weeks!
  19. rearviewmirror's Avatar
    OKAY....STEP AWAY FROM THE PEANUT BUTTER SLOWLY...THAT'S IT SLOWLY !! I know your pain!! I whipped up a bbq sauce to make like hot wings with chicken breast...totally awesome and yummy. I figured if it meant me not eating a mexican, I would have more than the 3oz, of chicken...It sorta changed it up, I am sick and tired of shrimp lettuce and my homemade dressing of apple cider vinegar, spices and mustard... SICK AND TIRED!! So the hot breasts LOL...curbed me for my weak moment!! My thought is minimize the cheat if you are gonna do it!!
  20. Rizzo542's Avatar
    indeed friend.. keep it up as long as you can within the 40 day limit! we can do it! I love seeing the results!
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