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  1. Third time is a charm's Avatar
    Angel do not give up, feel better soon.
  2. Mielie's Avatar
    shame....Don't stress too much. THey say that also stops you from losing. Just keep drinking water?

    Best of luck
  3. marvless's Avatar
    Not sure which phase you're in, but gains are common when you're sick. Just keep pushing the fluids and hopefully you'll feel better soon and your weight will go back down.
  4. Third time is a charm's Avatar
    I honestly think very similar than you rearviewmirror. Our mind can be our friend or our enemy so quickly, that is why I started meditation to control anxiety and it works wonders to me. When you see that your train of thoughts is going the negative way stop and do something else, go for a walk, phone someone. I wish you all the sucess in the world.
  5. rearviewmirror's Avatar
    I think that if I am going to fall off the wagon that is how it will happen for me. That is why when I don't see a loss or I have a slight gain I just keep going. Mindset is a powerful thing!! I think you really really need to do the self talk thing...ONE DAY AT A TIME..Because you gained 3lbs it is NOT over...Forget it, it might set you back...but move forward!! You can recover...The thing is you can give yourself a reason to cheat today now because of the 3lbs and make it 6lbs, tomorrow or you can jump back in the game. It might still be 3lbs up tomorrow, but at least you have taken control. Food has not taken control of you!!
  6. angelatjax's Avatar
    Thank you I needed that I'm feeling kinda defeated today it's my period and trying to house break a new dog my boyfriends dog I'm not a animal person so this is extremely hard on me , and I'm doing it all alone bc his job sent him to Saudi Arabia just stressed every night I've bleached my floors and washing a dog
  7. Third time is a charm's Avatar
    Stay stong tomorrow will be better for sure!!
  8. Waffles4me's Avatar
    Yay! Keep it up!
  9. Brila24's Avatar
    you are welcome keep Blogging and keep venting!!
  10. angelatjax's Avatar
    Thank you I needed that
  11. Brila24's Avatar
    Well intermountainhcg has been passed to me. I will be trying them soon I hear they are good. don't be hard on yourself I am 1 who gained all of mine back 40 pounds I am now on a 40 day round and 9 days in. i know you can do it find the inner strength you had before.
  12. Newjulie's Avatar
    Ohhh Angela, COngratulations! I know how great that feels! You are doing terrific!
  13. Perseverance's Avatar
    Congratulations! well deserved. Feels pretty darn good doesn't it? keep up the good work.
  14. BarbM's Avatar
    This is my second time doing HCG.. The first time was a year ago i lost 48.6 lbs. i did two rounds.. but the closer I got to drop below 200 i just fought every effort.. I am on my 2nd day after loading and down 11 lbs.. I am determined to get below 200 this time.. I just keep telling myself. I am ok to be less then 200 lbs. its ok to be there. I sabotage myself each time, but this time I know I am deserving of this. I deserve this. And you too deserve this.
  15. Cristi's Avatar
    Can you tell me what a hcg diet shake is? I have just come off a 7 week liquid diet to do HCG under a doctors supervision and a shake appeals to me. Thanks!
  16. angelatjax's Avatar
    Yes but I do think it was to soon bc I'm not focused like I was the first time i only lose when I don't eat enough and tell you the truth you can only stare your self so long im not doing anymore apple days I have to admit I've already done atleast 10 apple days just bc it's so much easier to me think that's what made me get hungry to many days of getting under 500 cals
  17. Perseverance's Avatar
    Maybe you did this round too soon. Did you take the full suggested break?
  18. Rusty's Avatar
    Recommit yourself to staying POP. You can see the signs of emotional eating. And this is going to be one of those "easier said than done" pieces of advice, but acknowledge your want: "I want to eat", then turn to your water, and drink (thirst will mask itself as a "hunger" or a "craving").
    If you know it's just a stress response, then you need to call it what it is, a stress response. Journal it out. Cuss, fuss, scream, but get it out on paper.
    Find something to do with your hands, knit, type, sculpt, play a video game, and STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN!!!!
    These are the same old ways with dealing with food, but hCG will help you lose weight, but only if you stay POP.
    Life is going to happen. We all need to find our way to deal, without turning to food (and this comes from a former 325 lb woman!). Food is not our friend, food doesn't make us feel better, food is for survival and living a healthy life. Put food in it's place!
    Good luck and happy losses!
  19. ZFamilyOf3's Avatar
    WOOHOO!!! You can do it!!!!!! Keep it up!!!! My goal is 10 lbs this week! I'm down 4.5 *have 5 days left in the week!*
  20. ZFamilyOf3's Avatar
    WOOHOO!!! You can do it!!!!!! Keep it up!!!!
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