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Ready to get back to my old self.

I'm getting there. Bit by bit and it's showing.

  1. Roman was always a liar! *le gasp*

    by , August 12th, 2012 at 08:00 AM (Ready to get back to my old self.)
    On Aug. 1st I had a doctor appointment check in for my anxiety issues (yesh I take xanax for panic attacks) so I hopped on the scale and it read 154lbs.

    Needless to say horror music instantly played in my head. Yeah like in that scene in that movie Psycho with the scream and everything.

    I swear Roman could feel a disturbance in the force at that point. I had weighed myself before I left the time I do every morning, urine-free. Roman told me 144. Nothing alarming there. ...
  2. Sabotage! And Turkey Mayhem .O.

    So.... I found out why my loss on Saturday was only .8lbs

    I had a taco salad on friday. With the meat I asked my mom to snag me at the grocery store while she was there and she kindly bagged each serving separately. (because she's awesome and i wasn't home at the time to do it.)

    Turns out it wasn't LEAN! Also the serving bags were 5oz! She cut it into 4 5oz servings!


    I was suspicious when browning my meat like "why does it ...