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  1. Praying4Change's Avatar
    Thanks all!
  2. AZJan's Avatar
    Wow! Randi, you are doing awesome! Good luck on reaching your goal!
  3. Butterfly1012's Avatar
    Oh, it's so doable!! I'm so proud of you! 56 pounds is amazing!!! Keep up the good work
  4. MarleyMom24's Avatar
    Wow! Sounds like your journey has been amazing! 56 lbs is awesome! .5 sounds like a realistic goal per day! I'm sure you'll make it! Welcome back!
  5. Praying4Change's Avatar
    I should mention that today is vlcd 11.
  6. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    You said it all....wanting to feel comfortable with your fam in a swimsuit! We live on a private lake, and i'm at the water ALL summer long. It's hard to be self-conscious all the time. I'm tired of it. I would rather spend the time prepping my foods then searching for a swimsuit or clothes that I'm comfortable in! You've done amazing. Keep up the hard work.

    Come b my page if you have time. I ordered my first Round today and start loading on Monday. xo
  7. Praying4Change's Avatar
    Hey Dubbles! Congrats on your loss and your soon move to P3. I ran out of drops so I only did 38 days on drops and then will have 2 vlc days then start P3. I'm on hhcg so I only have to do 48 hours instead of 72. I am starting P3 Thursday morning. Yippee!!

    Suggestions on what else I could add in the first few days that isn't dairy or eggs or nuts? Just another veggie snack?
  8. Dubbles's Avatar
    I don't know that it's what u ate as much as the traveling itself. Maybe u didn't drink as much tea or water. So I'd up that and it'll be gone in no time. Wow, u have done great! 32 lbs. How long was your round? So your last dose weight is today. And u're going into p3 on Thursday? I'll be joining p3 on Friday, my last dose weight is in the a.m. It does feel good to have lost all that weight, doesn't it. As for your menu, it's fine, I think, for a day or so, but u really need to eat more, rather than less, if u want to reset your calorie allowance higher. People sometime say they gain when they don't eat enough. The main thing is to up your protein, which u seem to be doing. O, and u don't have to use light dressing, u can use the real deal. Good luck on p3.
  9. Therresa's Avatar
    I understand the CHEAT thing. When I was on p2 I cheated and gained 2 lbs and stalled for 4 days. I can't help but think I could have lost more if I had not cheated and stalled. You just have to move on and learn for your mistake. HCG is wonderful but is not very forgiving on cheats. Good luck
  10. Band Mom's Avatar
    Drink drink drink drink water today. Then drink some more. Move on, we all make mistakes. It will likely cost you at least 2 days, if not 3 and then you will remember this when you are tempted to cheat. It is just not worth it. If you stay strong, your desire to cheat will lessen. Just remember it is about making choices. I am on R2P3 and lost 27.2 the first round and 25.8 this round. Give yourself realistic goals and remember that it will fluctuate. Sometimes you will be rapidly losing weight and then it will taper off and only change 0.2 pounds/day - don't get frustrated - you will make it to the end result.
  11. nsbrown76's Avatar
    I would be scared 2. I don't know what to say except I hope that PBJ/banana sandwich was the bomb The scale might be gracious to you. The 1st time I cheated I lost weight, but the 2nd time I gained like 4 pounds and stalled 2 days.