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  1. Still a grump, but in a better place than the past few days.

    VLCD 20... woke up down 0.3. That's the good news. The bad news: I'm still over a pound heavier than I was around this time last week. I'm not as pissed off as I was yesterday, but it's still discouraging.

    As I was telling a friend this morning, ups and downs happen... Stalls DEFINITELY happen. But me personally? Not only is gaining during P2 at any point completely aggravating, NOTHING chaps my *** more than re-gaining weight that I've just recently lost. Perhaps it's a mental ...
  2. One last (small) hunger issue.

    VLCD 8, didn't lose this morning. Have lost 9lbs in 8 days so far, so I'm content for the time being.

    One thing I've always struggled with, whether during HCG dieting or not, is hunger in the morning. I'm typically a breakfast eater and so I think part of it is mental. But some of it also feels physical. I've considered eating a small amount of my protein or fruit in the morning just to feel satiated and "tide" me over during lunch.. But I find that once I tough it out, ...
  3. Crossing Fingers on Hitting Sweet Spot!

    I don't want to jinx myself by saying this, but I think I may have hit my dosage sweet spot. That would be awesome for me so early in a round - VLCD 7 today. It's the first day I haven't felt a tinge of hunger after being out of bed for an hour or so. Still just contentedly sipping my coffee, not considering a celery or cucumber stick (my go-to's, subtracted from later in the day). So for that, I'm thankful.

    Officially ridiculously addicted to homemade fraps. Thank the culinary ...
  4. Jealous, which is silly.

    Yep. I'm jealous. It's true. I see so many people on this site talking about the 12lbs they lost in 7 days, or the 20lbs they lost in 12 days, or the 35lbs they lost in a long round. And it just never happens for me. I lose 20lbs in a 40 day round, every single time. Right down to the ounce. I stay POP and I avoid things that stall me out. I don't use beauty products with moisture. I take my vitamins. I drink my water. Yet my body just won't release fat at a high rate. I've accepted ...
  5. Back to LIW from last round (R3P2 VLCD 5)

    Wooo! Finally! Now I feel like my head is back in the game. I'm at 156.5, which is 0.1 below LIW from last round. NOW I feel like I'm "starting" this round. Of course, my losses always slow down drastically after the first week of each P2, so I'm not getting my hopes too high up on major losses for this round. I don't think I'll make my goal, but I'll be on the right track and hopefully only have to do one short round this spring/summer.

    After skipping yesterday's ...
  6. Blog Posts Instead of Forum Posts (Also: R3 starts now)

    Compared to some of the seasoned vets on this board, I'm still a relative newcomer - even though I've been here over a year. I've encountered some great folks and personalities of all kinds. And now that the new year has recently come and gone, I see a ton of new faces around (hello, resolutions). So glad so many have a place for support. Trouble is, there aren't enough hours in the day for me to keep up. With the January threads moving so quickly, I don't have the time to catch up and I feel ...

    Updated January 13th, 2014 at 12:39 PM by AimMee (Typo! LIW was 156, not 166!)