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  1. Ellyn's Avatar
    First of all, let me say how very sorry I am that you are suffering so much.

    With that said, a lot leads up to full blown autoimmune disorders. The body is in a compromised state long before the perfect storm. People abuse their bodies with improper eating, lack of good quality supplements and a high toxic load. The body becomes more and more vulnerable as time goes by because the immune system is damaged until something triggers the "storm". My daughter's trigger was childbirth and yours happened to be HCG. ANYTHING stress related is a trigger. Just like childbirth didn't CAUSE my daughter's autoimmune disease, HCG didn't cause yours. BUT it was the "straw that broke the camel's back".

    Conventional medicine, needed during 911 times, isn't always up on the latest and has a tendency to treat symptoms, not the root cause. Please look into Sarah Ballantyne, PhD book The Paleo Approach - Reverse Autoimmune Disease and Heal Your Body. Dr Datis Kharrazian also has a great book called Why Isn't My Brain Working, a functional medicine approach for treating the body. Check out Elana's story of MS at elanaspantry.com. It may be possible for you to take back your body, heal it and minimize pharmaceutical products.

    My daughter's journal has been challenging but we have had the best success toward healing from following the Paleo lifestyle, adding in good quality supplements and reducing her toxic load. Has it been easy?? NO and at times very frustrating BUT her body didn't get ill over night so we have to be patient with the healing process.

    I wish you all the best and God bless you on your healing journey
  2. Carver's Avatar
    Hmm that's right i was also using hcg drops for the fitness purpose online gambling in australia. It is beneficial but natural way is most convenient in my opinion.
  3. tomwilla's Avatar
    Good luck , you will do great. I am back too my weigh was sneaky too suddly it was back
  4. sweetsunflower's Avatar
    Congrats on the awesome lost!
  5. Bavalay21's Avatar
    Wow love, super job! Enjoy the weekend.
  6. maggiep's Avatar
    Very happy day! Congrats! Keep knocking at those 160s, they're coming!!
  7. Rabo's Avatar
    Awesome! So glad to see you happy!!
  8. maggiep's Avatar
    You will TOTALLY hit that number! Don't worry, I know little losses can suck, but it will break!
  9. maggiep's Avatar
    Whoot Whoot, normal BMI knocking on your door! That sounds awesome!

    I'll bet you'll get there within two weeks! =P
  10. Love2Ski's Avatar
    Well, that was a little wishful thinking (and not enough coffee) on my part---I have 4.3 pounds to go to normal BMI, not 3.3. Sigh.
  11. maggiep's Avatar
    I went through the same as Bava, which lead me to cheat. Stick with it! Although you've done this before, so you know that
  12. Bavalay21's Avatar
    Yea love, the quick start and big numbers in the beginning makes one think the slow down is because we are failing. It's not the case but I found it upsetting and wondered what was wrong with me. I'm over it now and you sound experienced and ready for battle. Good luck! You are doing super.
  13. Abbysmom's Avatar
    I'm right with you..-.2 for the last two days..but its better than a gain and the weird thing is I feel thinner..hoping for a bigger loss tomorrow
  14. maggiep's Avatar
    Down is down! Congrats, it looks good off you =P
  15. Rabo's Avatar
    Those fractions add up so don't be discouraged. ;-)
  16. Love2Ski's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Bavalay21
    Hi sweet. Did you mean to post 4 for April instead of 2 for February? I am just marching through for as many weeks/months my clinic doc says is ok. Best wishes for continued success this round.
    Oh my....apparently I did not have enough coffee....yes, it should be April! Maybe it's because it LOOKS and FEELS like February here in Colorado...snowing again....
  17. Bavalay21's Avatar
    Oops I meant to say love and not sweet!
  18. Bavalay21's Avatar
    Hi sweet. Did you mean to post 4 for April instead of 2 for February? I am just marching through for as many weeks/months my clinic doc says is ok. Best wishes for continued success this round.
  19. sweetsunflower's Avatar
    congrats on your 2.8, woww , awesome number!! Hope you feel better with your cramps, I too have the queasy feeling and painful swollen boobs LOL , it is not really pleasant feeling isn't it?
  20. Love2Ski's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by jodecii
    Looks like you are doing are ready for your next round. How much weight did you loose on your first round?
    My "official" start weight at the beginning of R1 was 196.4, and my LIW for R1 was 177.6--so 19 lb. lost. I am NOT the biggest loser---but since it stayed off, I'll take it!
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