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  1. bobes's Avatar
    Thanks for this!!
  2. SkinnyMari's Avatar
    Thanks guys! I think the key to my current success is learning from my first round mistakes. I tried too hard to conform to the super high fat P3 that a lot people follow on here (even though that isn't really what P&I dictates...it only states that fat can be indulged in more if you eat less carbohydrate...which is true!), but in doing so I ended up feeling deprived because I couldn't eat some of the healthy foods I enjoy, so I frequently fell off the bandwagon and cheated. I didn't listen to my body when I didn't feel well.

    This time, I'm listening to my body, trying to relax in the process, and find healthy things that make me and my body happy! Don't be worried about P3, just take it slow, listen to your body, and find foods that satisfy you! Moderation is the key
    Updated February 19th, 2013 at 03:07 PM by SkinnyMari
  3. tomwilla's Avatar
    SKinnymari Awesome Job Thanks you so much for sharing your meals.. some of us are a little scared of P3 but you are doing such a great job.. I love it
  4. yep yep I can's Avatar
    WOW as I am going into P3 this is really great to hear. Thanks for sharing! I am glad that things are working for you.
  5. Ready to be thin's Avatar
    Thanks for posting. I need to read up more on P3 .. Your log will be really helpful. Keep up the great work!
  6. pookster's Avatar
    Sounds like you got it all under control!! Way to go...I too keep a food journal so I know what I ate incase all heck breaks loose! lol

    Please keep posting w/menu I find it extremely helpful.
  7. tomwilla's Avatar
    great info for 1st timers on p2.. thank you for shareing
  8. tanyamac's Avatar
    Finally taking the time to read this!! Love it! I will definitly keep up with reading this!! Last time, struggled with almonds and coconut so gonna try those again, but slowly. I really really want a mug cake, or cocoa crack!
  9. marvless's Avatar
    I know you've got this. I mentioned it because there were foods I was able to eat after rounds 1 & 2 that gave me problems in later rounds. I agree about people having varied reactions. Hubby recently noticed that grains cause him mild asthma. The whole food sensitivity thing, although maddening at times is also fascinating to me. It's amazing what the body will do to preserve itself.
  10. SkinnyMari's Avatar
    Thanks Marvless! I really wasn't worried about eggs since I ate them almost everyday in P2. Different people also respond to allergy foods in different ways. I've been a daily weigher for some time now, and I know that for me, if my body doesn't like something, it honestly lets me know within hours (I have a very sensitive digestive system, LOL)! I've never personally had the delayed sensitivity problem. You're very right though, its always best to err on the side of caution!
  11. marvless's Avatar
    You are doing great and have a good game plan in place! The only thing I'd suggest is to wait 2-3 days before adding new "problem" foods (eggs, dairy, nuts, etc). It can take some time for sensitives to show up on the scale. I look forward to seeing you succeed!
  12. yep yep I can's Avatar
    Beautiful.. I am so happy for you not just in the weight loss, but in discovering you! Hope the rest of your journey is a GREAT one.
  13. Third time is a charm's Avatar
    Well said Skinny Mari, a true inspiration.
  14. LilShelliBelli's Avatar
    I read your posts, and I just want to say, "yeah, what she said!". You speak so eloquently and fluently, putting into words all the same thoughts I have had recently as I prepare to go into P3. You've done AMAZING! You have much to be proud of SM. Not just your weight loss and your journey, not just your goals, but the positive life you seek to live and achieve going past the HCG protocol! Bravo for expressing these joys and allowing others such as us to share in your triumphs! Thank you and continued best wishes to you!
  15. Annie226's Avatar
    Dear skinny, how inspiring!!! I am unsure your age, but Maya Angelou said "once women turn 50 y/o she is finally the woman she has always wanted to be!!!". I am assuming you are much younger, much wiser than I....great luck! I so appreciate your wisdom!!!
  16. tomwilla's Avatar
    Beautifully said. You should be proud at your ACCOMPLISHMENT I think you have done great!!!
  17. Blak Porsche's Avatar
    Very real and profound! Best wishes to you!
  18. LilShelliBelli's Avatar
    I swear we are in the same frame of mind! Well written, SM!!! I couldn't have laid it out there any better and I'm on the same page with you! ESPECIALLY about the "no counting calories!" I just want to be educated enough when this is over that I can make wise choices without obsessing and enjoy life! You are amazing! Just sayin'!
  19. tomwilla's Avatar
    love this
  20. Rabo's Avatar
    Your post made me happy.

    Congrats on your amazing success and for setting goals and being realistic and HEALTHY!
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