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Health and Happiness: My Journey

Follow me as I embark on my last P3 & P4 with the goal of achieving a maintainable, healthy lifestyle. I'll update as I experiment in keeping nutritional balance during my stabilization phases in order to reach my dream of a healthy, happy life...free from food anxiety!

  1. Making Goals for the Future: What Do I Want in My Life and My "Diet?"

    by , February 4th, 2013 at 12:08 PM (Health and Happiness: My Journey)
    Happy Monday Everyone!

    Well, I'd like to start off by commending everyone who braved their SuperBowl parties and fought the temptations. I, for one, holed up at home like a big ol' chicken. Rather than watching the SuperBowl (not a huge football fan, but congrats to all you Raven's fans!), I used my time to do a little bit of thinking about what I've missed in my life since my first round, and what I would like to have, specifically, to be content with my eating habits for life. ...