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  1. Nexuz9's Avatar
    Awesomeness! Good for you.
  2. AbsAgain's Avatar
    One thing that helped me with cravings was drinking enough water. When I did my rounds, my doctor had me drinking a gallon of spring water per day. This alleviated cravings and helped with detoxing.
  3. Coco Chanel's Avatar
    There's so much to learn in this process, so much to test... and then life doesn't just stop so we can focus on just staying healthy.
    Welcome (back) to the team!
  4. Ellyn's Avatar
    I just ended my first day of loading and I'm feeling like I just want to hang out in my jammie pants for the next few days LOL
  5. Annie226's Avatar
    Thanks Leez, good luck!!!
  6. Leez's Avatar
    Wishing you luck, as requested! I love the exhilaration of P2 whre the scale goes down nearly every day, and sometimes in large chunks.

    I've had that same problem of staying stable for a few months after a round and then slowly gaining again, so I sympathize with you. I hope we both get it figured out eventually!
  7. AimMee's Avatar
    I freaking LOVE P3! Glad you enjoyed.
  8. AimMee's Avatar
    Congrats! Last injection day is basically a holiday, as far as I'm concerned!
  9. AimMee's Avatar
    Sounds good! Fluctuations are no fun, but they're normal. Sounds like you're doing well! The only thing I would change, especially to try to get one more whoosh? You shouldn't be skipping protein or veggies. If there's anything you just 'don't get in' in a given day, it should be melba/grissini and then fruit. I know, I love my fruit too, but it is much more important to get protein/veg squared away before anything else.

    Good luck on your last 6 days!!
  10. Annie226's Avatar
    Thank you so much, I Started preparing my food today! Argh!!! I really have not gone into ketosis yet, big issue!!!! That is what I get for taking the easy way out! Lesson learned!!!!
  11. AimMee's Avatar
    Of course! And yay on losing it!

    I love ya dear, but you MUST cook on this protocol. I can give you some super easy tips to make your life easier, if you're willing to put a couple of hours toward it each saturday or sunday (or whatever day off you might have). Sound like a deal?
  12. AimMee's Avatar
    That could be a problem right there. I don't think it would be inappropriate to have a chat with the chef and ask some questions.
  13. Annie226's Avatar
    Great question. What I ate yesterday looked pure. Recommended by the doctor where I purchased my injection.
  14. AimMee's Avatar
    Awww, sorry to hear that.

    Question, though... A chef that specializes in the diet? Does this chef cook completely POP or does he/she make modifications?
  15. mraven99's Avatar
    Great job!!!!! I'm hoping for a big loss tomarrow.
  16. Annie226's Avatar
    Fabulous, another motivator!!! Can hardly wait until I experience that!
  17. monroeee's Avatar
    Keep it up! My clothes are alreDy lose on me after 7 days.
  18. AimMee's Avatar
    Congrats on the loss!!
  19. AimMee's Avatar
    Way to go! Keep going! Getting enough water and sleep is so important. The second I don't get enough of either one, I always see a slow or temporary stall.

    And you're so right about seeing it on paper. It seems like it's so easy to follow P2 and be POP about it... Until you hold yourself of the standard of writing everything down. I diligently do so and it keeps me on track.

    Try not to get too disappointed - just get yourself back on track, up that water, and you'll be on your way!
  20. Annie226's Avatar
    WOW!!! That is encouraging!!!!
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