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  1. sonderah's Avatar
    Is constipation normal for u? Everyone's "normal" is so different. Hope you get it figured out! It's really hard to lose weight when ur full of it!! Hang in there!!!
  2. LilShelliBelli's Avatar
    Hey G2! Sounds like you've had a crazy couple days! But you know what? That's normal life, I say! So, your body is just trying to figure out your schedule...I'm almost positive.

    1.6lbs is awesome!! Congrats!

    Now the whole BM thing is a little different. I don't want to say "worry", but if it's been that long (2 weeks?) you might want to call the doc. Did you try the colon cleanse? Usually, I take one of those and there is no WAY my body isn't going to sitting it's bum on the porcelain seat. If you did and THAT didn't even work, I would maybe call the doctor. I'm not an expert though, so not trying to scare you or anything. If you can cure that problem (even if some sort of medication or aid might stop progress for a day or two) the progress there after might be a lot better.

    Good luck and have fun with your friend!
  3. rearviewmirror's Avatar
    I hear ya loud and clear...Smooth move tea...does the trick for me every time!!
  4. go2gsus's Avatar
    Hey, Lil.. you are an awesome encourager, I usually have "enablers" around me so this is sweet. Good for you for keeping "family time" America is being torn apart because of a lack in that area..

    I'll try the ACV.. as for the cabbage.. can p2 have sauerkraut? or just cabbage? I am going to look at the Super Colon Cleanse later today.
    I'm a coffee lover as well, to partake of the sweet nectar of the bean is a religious rite that is too hard to stray from, though it's usual moving effects for me has ceased, I wonder if the effect has reversed... Nooooooooooooo!

    I try and keep up to date on these things, but like all social media I lack in updates..sometimes on purpose

    To great releases;
  5. LilShelliBelli's Avatar
    There you are!

    I'm glad to hear the transition for you went well! I this forum too for all the same reasons. I often wish I had more time to respond to others on here. Every day, I try to read and/or comment on a persons blog that I haven't talked to before, but I find myself so pressed for time by the time I am done responding to comments from yesterday and then writing my own post! I would do it at night, but that's strictly famil time.

    Anyhoo, don't worry about the stall! I've read that everyone goes through them and I did actually before you did! lol....but what I've experienced so far, every little minor adjustment we make to our protocol, our body has to readjust to. So just think of it that way. I'm sure you will be fine as long as you stick to protocol.

    As far as the pre-load food goes....I know Sar had suggested lemon water (like a hot tea). I have been drinking two of those with the addition of Cayenne Pepper (yes...cayenne pepper)... referred to as a California Kicker. On the one day I felt a little "stuffed up", I took a Super Colon Cleanse pill (it's an all natural type), cut the capsule in half and put the contents into my tea. It helped. I wouldn't make that a habit though if you don't need to. You should be able to get the Super Colon Cleanse at Walmart (it's a white bottle with green print on it...very basic looking).

    We already had that in our cabinets. I cut the capsule open because I wasn't sure what it's made of...better safe than sorry. It's hard to find even easy OTC meds that do not have some type of sugar or ingredient that we're not supposed to have.

    Maybe some other tips?: I use ACV quite a bit (mostly because I love vinegar) but it's supposed to be helpful with the breakdown and digestion of proteins... Steam some spinach with fresh garlic and add a touch of ACV, make a chili with ACV, Eat cabbage! Cabbage always works for me! lol....

    Good luck!!
  6. LilShelliBelli's Avatar
    Any luck yet?! I hope so! I read a couple things by Colin that I really liked regarding eating and exercising and hCG chica touches on some of those things re: exercising too in her later Vlogs...so it's pretty cool!
  7. go2gsus's Avatar
    Thanks Sar, I'll try the lemon.... day 9 is getting me pretty grossed out right now...

    Lil..keeping it real, that is the beauty about the forum being able to follow along with someone is a real help. thanks for putting the tags to the names. I enjoy both. Just started watching Colins videos last night..pretty cool
    thanks for your thoughts and concerns..because of the nature of this diet and all the haters I can't really tell folks what I'm doing.
    off to get caught up on your blogs now..
  8. LilShelliBelli's Avatar
    Awe, thank you for the "shout out", G2! That's really awesome of you to say! And of COURSE I'm reading this! You have, unofficially, become my R1 protocol buddy lol....I also read your blog posts to see how you're doing/feeling (I'm a mother hen in life too...well...probably more like a mama lion...) and helps me to know that I'm not on this journey alone. I also referred to HCGChica a lot before starting this protocol and even now. I appreciate her honesty and her warm personality. Her goals are very similar to mine and we had very similar body types starting so her website and videos were inspiring for me to read/watch. (She is on this forum, btw, ..."Mountainfever").

    I am SOOOOOO happy to hear that your headaches are gone!!!! I was really hoping they would be. I was reading a lot of material last night from Colin Watson (who is also on this forum). And if I read correctly, his plan for a successful phase 2 is pretty much in line with what my husband has always said about eating. So I am going to keep reading and try few of his suggestions while still sticking to strict protocol and see what happens.

    So glad to hear you're doing better and that you're having great losses!!! We'll catch up with you later!
  9. Sar's Avatar
    A trick I use to help 'move things along' is to squeeze either half or a whole lemon into a glass of cold water with a little bit of stevia and drink up. Your tummy will gargle like crazy and you should see some results fairly quickly. The best thing about using this method is that it doesn't last all day and once you go, you don't have to worry about being close to a bathroom the rest of the day lol

    Looks like you are doing great! Keep it up!
  10. go2gsus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Toonsmom
    Good for you!
    I also worried about injecting myself. I shouldn't have...it was and is SO very easy and painless.

    Good luck!
    Thanks Toons. I placed an order for 6x5000 amps of Corion from reliable, I wanted to get the 2000 but some how they were going to come out to way more for the same amount of HCG.
    I ordered my kit from Missouri Medical.. there were some issues with that, but that's another story!

    Thanks for the reply
  11. Toonsmom's Avatar
    Good for you!

    Just wanted to let you know that I was uneasy about doing SQ injections too. The instructions looked complicated (use the ones on the forum, BTW...the thread is either in the Newcomer Information or General Information section). Well, although there are several steps it is definitely not hard!

    I also worried about injecting myself. I shouldn't have...it was and is SO very easy and painless.

    Good luck!
  12. LilShelliBelli's Avatar
    You're just knockin' it out of the PARK! So happy for you! And I'm glad to see that the headache is more mild than in past days. By tomorrow, gone? Here's to the power of positive thinking!

    1st day of no BM for me too! lol...how about that!

    It's so funny how you mentioned possibly switching to SQ injections (I am assuming you're doing sublingual drops right now). I just posted this morning how I almost did sublingual instead but opted for SQ because of convenience. It still geeks me out a bit, but I'm doing okay. I, like your wife, was nervous and had reservations. But my husband was a first responder and had advanced first responder training through SAR (Sea Air Rescue) while in the military so I feel comforted by the fact that he is there for me if I need anything. (Although, it's really not as complicated as I initially thought). However, this, coming from a man who has had to insert an I.V. into himself, and had to draw his own blood, had to give himself his own stitches (still does this, btw... "why give money to the dr. when I can do it myself?!" ...his miltary medical kit is always stocked in case of emergency...). Oh, my stomach is getting queasy just typing this! lol.. He's not a weirdo, I promise. Just comes from a very intense military background and training. It comes in handy when one of us gets an owwie; he's calm and sensible and knows exactly what to do (unlike me, who is on the verge of panic and passout).

    In anycase, good luck with whatever decision you make, and I'm glad you're feeling better today!
  13. LilShelliBelli's Avatar
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a great release! WOOHOO!!!!! I think I just missed you this morning. I'm so sorry to hear that your headaches haven't subsided yet, but I am confident they will. I'm not sure if I asked you this before; are you a coffee drinker? I am. I'm wondering what would happen if I quit drinking my 2-3 cups of coffee in the am? *shudder* I am noticeably achy this afternoon and as the day goes on, but I also played a couple games on the Wii Fit...oops. I couldn't resist...I'm such a "kid".

    Well, I hope you start feeling better soon! And thanks so much for the post on my blog this morning! (I figured I would just respond here ..haha) I can't tell you how much I appreciate that! Venison IS really much healthier, I just hope the HCG agrees! Even if I stall a few days while it processes/digests, as long as it comes off in the long run, I will be totally happy with that.

    Thanks for "getting" me; the support is truly appreciated and encouraging!

    Feel better soon and I hope to see you are headache free tomorrow!
  14. LilShelliBelli's Avatar
    Thank you! Same here! Just the writing alone, is so helpful/therapeutic. But to know someone...LOTS of someone's are out there cheering for you is such a great feeling! Have a great day!
  15. go2gsus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by LilShelliBelli
    Hi go2gsus,

    I just wanted to say "happy successes" to you! This is my first round and experience with the HCG protocol too and I am also writing on my blog for the same reasons as you, but welcome anyone who wants to read. I just love to free write and don't get to do a whole lot of that anymore, so what not a perfect place?

    I just wanted to say hi, wish you well, and let you know that someone is out here rooting for you! Here's to our new journey!!
    Thanks Lil, what a blessing! I'll be rooting for you too. Thanks for dropping a line, I'll be over on your blog as well I really enjoy seeing how others are doing, and this is the perfect venue.

    Here's to a new you
  16. LilShelliBelli's Avatar
    Hi go2gsus,

    I just wanted to say "happy successes" to you! This is my first round and experience with the HCG protocol too and I am also writing on my blog for the same reasons as you, but welcome anyone who wants to read. I just love to free write and don't get to do a whole lot of that anymore, so what not a perfect place?

    I just wanted to say hi, wish you well, and let you know that someone is out here rooting for you! Here's to our new journey!!
  17. go2gsus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by rearviewmirror
    Happy Loading!! You cannot OVERLOAD LOL!!!
    lol... I can't believe it.. everything I enjoyed..I was like "and I am suppose to do this...cool" looking forward to tomorrows line up and then being done though!

    thanks for the reply rearview!!
  18. rearviewmirror's Avatar
    Happy Loading!! You cannot OVERLOAD LOL!!!