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  1. bebifal's Avatar
    I literally just ordered from them this morning via online chat and it worked. Try again cuz they are definitely a legit company.
  2. RainbowMermaidPonies's Avatar
    I tried ordering from Frequency Apps and the website won't work, chat doesn't work, and I get a phone message when I call?
  3. Annie226's Avatar
    I agree with Aimee, it is better just to "get back" to the clean eating of P2. If you want to make it a short round and go through all of the phases, then start over. The only other option would be to take a couple of weeks off to get the HcG out of your system, then start the round again.
  4. AimMee's Avatar
    You don't want to load again so soon and "start over", especially if you never discontinued use of the HCG. Get back on the wagon, continue using it, and go back to VLCD days for the rest of your round. Your losses will have suffered from last week, but getting back on track with the protocol is the best thing you can do at this point. Good luck!
  5. bebifal's Avatar
    i get mine from frequency apps. they are awesome!
  6. mejawh's Avatar
    I went on vacation when I was in P2 and I found going to a steakhouse is the easiest way to stay on course. You being in P3 can have the marinades and such on the chicken and beef and a good chicken caesar salad w/o crutons is always yummy! It kept me on course but still always tasted better than anything i can cook! I also found I didn't stall if I drank vodka, diet tonic and mio water or just vodka and water when I went on vacay.
  7. Musicgirllucy's Avatar
    I honestly don't think that phase 3 is all that tough. It's basically what you've been eating on phase 2 -- meat/protein and veggies and fruit. Except that you can eat more of it, and I believe you can mix the veggies up. You can also have a little oil, salad dressing, cheese. You are supposed to weight yourself to see you don't go over your lowest weight by two pounds.

    Just weigh yourself every morning, and no sugar or starches. I think you'll do great -- there are a lot of great veggies out there. I wish I were on phase 3!
  8. Katdav's Avatar
    Thanks, just ordered them. Did it take awhile for delivery. They stated 48-72 hrs before shipping possible.
  9. rearviewmirror's Avatar
    My experience has been that it will subside...Round one for me was a toughie....I didn't feel "right" til day 6 or 7..then it was pretty much smooth sailing. I definitely needed willpower and it wasn't easy but after the first week it was do-able for the strong at heart One hour at a time with this...You are doing awesome by the way!!! 10lbs in 5 days WOW!!!
  10. LilShelliBelli's Avatar
    Since starting the VLCD (I'm on Day 4), I noticed I have drymouth but only when I first wake up. After weighing in, I start drinking water and coffee and then I am fine all day. I'm not sure if you experience it all day, but in my case, it's only when I wake up. I am a newbie and not an expert either, but I have a feeling for me, it's because I drink water non-stop all day and then for 6-8 hours while I sleep, I don't have any. With our bodies rapidly burning calories, maybe it is an indicator for more water? I don't know. I'm going to put a humidifier/vaporizer in my bedroom. It's really dry this time of year and I'm sure it's not helping. We'll see if that helps at all. I was also an obsessive gum chewer pre-hcg, but carrying my water bottle with me everywhere has helped me to kick that habit pretty easy. Hope it gets better for you!
  11. Brila24's Avatar
    I chew gum with xylitol in it I have seen that most of the trident gums have it, I do not stall with it.
  12. curvygirl63's Avatar
    There is a gum you can get but you find it in Health Food Stores and I forgot the name and I thinnk it has stevia in it. There also maybe a product you can get at the drug store for "dry mouth". I think it's Biotene or something like that. Make sure to look at the ingredients.

    Good luck.
  13. Love2Ski's Avatar
    I am certainly no expert, but I see that no one else has responded. You may want to post in the "Ask Granny" thread. My understanding is that artificial sweeteners can stall weight loss, so for me personally, I'm staying away from them--which includes sugar free gum. If you could find one with Stevia, I'd think that would be OK.
  14. curvygirl63's Avatar
    They are not on the "original" protocol but some ppl eat them without any problems.

    If this is your first round, I'd stick to the original food (as outlined in Poinds and Inches) and maybe give green beens and brocholi a try in your next round.