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  1. ttaylor001's Avatar
    Hi Marybeth, congrats on your loss! I am doing this for the second time as well as I slowly gained back my weight. Good luck, I will keep a look out for your progress, we re roughly at the same level, I am VLCD2 today so I think you might be a couple of days ahead of me, but close enough!

  2. rhythmicessence's Avatar
    Awesome job, ladies!! I gained so much on my loading days. lol. But that's because I ate over 3,500 surplus calories and didn't watch my macros at all.
  3. marybeth's Avatar
    Great job Dojami...No physical hunger here but slight mental hunger when the hubby eats all kinds of stuff at night One day at a time, we got this!
  4. Dojami's Avatar
    Way to go, Marybeth. Yesterday was my first VLCD and like you, I lost my loading weight plus a little. My drop was 2.1 lbs. today I am not experiencing hunger like I did yesterday. Let's hope our success continues. Good luck!
  5. marybeth's Avatar
    Thanks frenchdoll and mntnharleygirl! Been loading yesterday and today..getting pretty full so I am doing it right! Bring on tomorrow!
  6. mntnharleygirl's Avatar
    Hi Marybeth, great luck on your round. I have used both drops and injections, I too prefer drops and feel like I lose better on them.
  7. frenchdoll's Avatar
    Hi marybeth, wishing you tons of success for your round xoxo!