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  1. Texasyaya's Avatar
    You are doing great!
  2. Musicgirllucy's Avatar
    My BMI is now 29.1 which officially moves me from the obese category to the overweight category! LOVING IT!
  3. tomwilla's Avatar
    congratulation! that is awesome
  4. Ready to be thin's Avatar
    Way to go and keep it up! You can get there!
  5. pookster's Avatar
    Welcome to the 180's but not for long.. the 170's are fab! As you know I am 5'7 as well..Been hanging out at 175 and might head into P2 again to get that normal BMI which for us puts us at 159..yeesh..I cant even imagine how that must feel.. can you?
  6. akdani's Avatar
    Congrat's isn't that a great feeling?
  7. pookster's Avatar
    if your heads in the game you can do this and will be so proud of yourself for sticking to it... just think.. the more you lose now.. the less you have to lose later.. so get while the getting is good! and get er done!
  8. Ladybugdrives's Avatar
    You'll get there!!! Making great progress :-)
  9. Blak Porsche's Avatar
    Love you post, honesty and perspective! Jesus will show you the way!
  10. Rabo's Avatar
    I'd be napping every day if I were you!

    Don't step on the scale again till tomorrow though. I wouldn't want to test fate. :-)

    But I'm a weirdo.
  11. akdani's Avatar
    Yeah...Keep moving forward. You are doing great.
  12. pookster's Avatar
    your well on your way!! congrats
  13. Rabo's Avatar
    Impressive results and impressive mindset! Make this YOUR year!!
  14. sweetsunflower's Avatar
    congrats on your loss, and very nice post. lets keep going together!!
  15. pookster's Avatar
    No worries girl.. noone knows your body better then you. You know whats going on.. so stay the course and wait for the payoff!
  16. Musicgirllucy's Avatar
    Thanks for your support, pookster!
  17. pookster's Avatar
    Very interesting observations.. I would be willing to bet that there may indeed be some truth to all that.
  18. kapluzie123's Avatar
    Congrats, that's an awesome achievement
  19. pookster's Avatar
    Welcome to wonderland!!! Isnt it nice to be below the big 200! Congrats!
  20. pookster's Avatar
    Been there done that.. didn't wanna talk.. it sucks.. end of story. Better news tomorrow.. hang in there.
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