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  1. AFPrincess's Avatar
    Hi Miley! I just wanted to offer my support to you. Several years ago I did (I think) 3 long rounds of HHCG and lost about 70 pounds. The first 2 rounds I loaded super fattening food as recommended and was hungry the whole time. T he 3rd time I loaded 'lean' and was better the whole time and also adjusted my dosage when needed. The time I am starting with HHCG but will be switching to injections when they get here. I loaded lean this time and almost immediately lowered my dosage becaused I felt hungry and immediately felt better. The best advice I can give you is to listen to your body. If you feel hungry you might need to adjust your dosage. A good website (I hope I can recommend websites here) that has good information is hcgchica.com. I wish you the best of luck and keep us posted!
  2. AbsAgain's Avatar
    I did HCG with a doctor, my MD family doctor, who delivered 2 of my children and I've known for 18 years. Not all doctors think this is crazy. You might need to do it with a professional because you shouldn't be feeling hunger. Both my rounds were pretty amazing. The worst was the first when I had 2 days of detoxing and wondered if I was going to feel lousy for 40 days. It stopped and I was in an amazing "zone" for the rest of my round. I actually felt so great I went a little longer than 40 days. Something is wrong when you feel hungry. I lost fat and not muscle.

    It's been 8 months since my last round and I've been maintaining. Today I'm 1.6 lbs. above normal. This is the most successful diet I have ever been on because I'm not craving junk like I used to. I'm glad I spent the money on the Rx HCG and had a doctor's help. I think my last round cost me $400 total.
  3. Leez's Avatar
    Best of luck! The one time I loaded with all good fats and very low carb, I didn't even gain on the loading days. However, I always had absolutely no hunger ever during P2, except on my 6th round ( a shorter one) where I had to reduce my dose near the end of the 30 days. So I hope you get my "no hunger" effect from your loading strategy and achieve Zero Hunger right away this time!
  4. Bridget Marie's Avatar
    I think it is wonderful that you both are going to get healthy together. That is very good that he has a supportive wife who cares about his health. I know you two can really motivate each other and help one another so long as both of you stay committed to it. I know I helped my mom and she helped me a few years back and we lost lots of weight together by motivating and being accountable to one another. You both can have a long term healthy lifestyle and can absolutely do it!
  5. Miley's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Blak Porsche
    Wow! That was very deep! I don't know if I should say I'm sorry or congrats! You sound like a woman now on a mission. Here's wishing you both all the best and a happy healthy future! :-)
    Thanks, Porsche! I had a lot of angst to get off my chest... The good news is that after a few days of watching his diet and me helping him make better food choices, his blood sugar readings are really going down. (Planning his meals, fixing his lunches, making sure he has good snacks, etc.) I'm eating the same things he is, so it's helping me, too. It's funny, I haven't had chocolate or any sugary stuff in almost a week, and I have absolutely no craving for it. Normally I'd be insane with sugar lust by now. I'm not on the hCG yet--I'll be starting next week--and normally I'm a slave to my cravings. But it's like some switch has just been turned off in me; if hubby can't eat it, I'll refuse to eat it. It's kind of like when I was a vegan. A person could be sitting next to me eating a delicious piece of pizza, but I would have zero desire for it. I think it's a case of mind over matter. I was a vegan then, and in my mindset, vegans don't crave non-vegan foods. I felt like I was bulletproof!

    I don't think I'll ever go back to being completely vegan (just not possible for me now, plus I like to have a few more options for protein), but it has helped me in more ways than I can describe here. In any case, DH is doing better and I'm glad that we're getting this thing under control. Hopefully in the near future he'll be a lot more flexible with what he can eat.
  6. Blak Porsche's Avatar
    Wow! That was very deep! I don't know if I should say I'm sorry or congrats! You sound like a woman now on a mission. Here's wishing you both all the best and a happy healthy future! :-)
  7. Miley's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by lidokey
    Great going! Spinach soup sounds yummy, recipe please!
    Thanks, lidokey! Sure, here's the recipe (for a single serving):

    -1 1/4 cup frozen chopped spinach
    -1 cup vegetable broth (I use Swanson's)
    -1 small diced onion (or you can use onion powder)
    -garlic powder, pepper, Ms Dash, any other seasonings you want (I've added crushed red pepper, curry powder, ginger on occasion--it's all up to the chef!)

    Optional: add 3.5 ounces cooked chicken breast to make it a "meal"

    Thaw spinach in microwave. (Optional: you can run the thawed spinach through a food processor or blender if you want it a bit finer. I sometimes do.) Meanwhile, saute onion in small saucepan with just enough of the veggie broth to keep the onions from sticking. (Now would be a good time to add pepper/crushed red pepper to get the flavors infused.) When onions are tender, add spinach, the rest of the broth, and chicken if you're using it. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat. Add any other seasonings. Stir. Allow to simmer (covered) for 10-25 minutes. Enjoy!
  8. lidokey's Avatar
    Great going! Spinach soup sounds yummy, recipe please!
  9. yep yep I can's Avatar
    So happy to hear your on the mend and that you still lost. I know you will pick it back up and the losses will pick up as well.
  10. AbbyGJ's Avatar
    Glad you are feeling better!
  11. AbsAgain's Avatar
    I remember feeling nauseous on Day 3 or 4 and wondering if I could make it for 40 days. Turns out I could and I was just going through a detox, especially after my load days. You can do this. Drink your water, which will flush the toxins from your system. Eat close to protocol so you get the right balance of protein to carbs.
  12. yep yep I can's Avatar
    Aww.. feel better and GREAT loss!!
  13. Miley's Avatar
    Thanks, ladies! I did knuckle under and eat 12 saltines with my soup (you know how it is when you're sick--saltines are so appealing) and I had a teaspoon of honey in my hot tea to help soothe my throat. I don't think I'm going to gain any weight from this, but it may reduce my losses. But hey, I can live with that if it means a little less ache right now.
  14. lidokey's Avatar
    Sorry you feel under the weather, but what a great loss. I start round 2 tomorrow, one more loading day! Excited about your loss, makes me hopeful. Feel better soon.
  15. kapluzie123's Avatar
    bittersweet-- yay for your loss, for you're feeling sick. hope you're feeling better soon.. good luck with protocol-- you can do it
  16. kapluzie123's Avatar
    I found the same.. I stocked up on different flavors- a couple of my favs are cinnamon apple and from taoz- peppermint with tarragon... oh my, they are good. I have the peppermint with tarragon on ice when it's hot here.
  17. Miley's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kapluzie123
    I too had that empty feeling. I made it through and so will you. You know the difference between feeling hungry and empty. You're on your way to lower numbers. Yay for you
    Thanks, kapluzie! I've found that if I drink a cup of herbal tea, it'll take care of that hungry/empty feeling pretty fast, especially if it's something fruity like the Celestial Seasonings assorted flavors box I bought this past weekend.
  18. Octobergurll's Avatar
    I'm on day 2 of loading and can't wait to start losging
  19. kapluzie123's Avatar
    I too had that empty feeling. I made it through and so will you. You know the difference between feeling hungry and empty. You're on your way to lower numbers. Yay for you
  20. lidokey's Avatar
    Starting round 2 loading today and I feel exactly the same way! Can't wait for Wednesday!
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