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  1. Leez's Avatar
    I think if I was going to buy another one, I might get the basic WW scale (I think Walmart has it) because it doesn't have bells and whistles but does weigh to the .1 pound. It gets good reviews for accuracy. I'm with you on the no-need-for-extra-stats-to-stress-out-about.

    My current scale is an Eco-Slim by Vivitar (low profile bamboo style). I like it well enough. The only other thing it does is compute your BMI, but that's worthless and its easier to look at a chart, so I don't bother with that. It does only weigh in .2 pound increments though.
  2. MsMinnesota2012's Avatar
    Abs again, Im gald to hear that you are maintaining! How much weight did you lose in your round?