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  1. MarleyMom24's Avatar
    Thanks ladies! I only have time to go twice a week right now with work and school so I won't be able to over do it too much! I'm drinking about 3 liters a day now but during Zumba u could prob get in one more liter
  2. chunkynomore's Avatar
    She's right, def drink extra water, I would say atleast an extra liter. For me in the beginning water was the hardest part. Ok, Im still kind of at the beginning, but I mean the 1st few days. Dr S says to not do more exercise that you were doing prior to starting Hcg. I wouldn't do it as hard and heavy as you were at your peak, but it's still ok to do it.
  3. emross82's Avatar
    I love zumba!! I havent done it in p2, but i will exercise. I either walk an hour a day or do the eliptical for 30 min. I just dont freak out if I cant exercise every day like i would on another diet plan. Its nice to not feel bad about skipping a day. But I dont want to get out of the habit either. I say try it and maybe dont go all out, but its different for every one. You wont gain weitgh, and make sure to drink extra water too.
  4. MarleyMom24's Avatar
    Thank you !
  5. Kelllie's Avatar
    Good Luck! Wishing you much success
  6. alouise26's Avatar
    Good for you! Is today your second loading day? Or did you start taking hcg a couple days ago? Good luck!
  7. Alil2loveable's Avatar
    Girl Boo, that book is bogus my blood type is not B it is B negative so there he needs to revamp
  8. MarleyMom24's Avatar
    Thanks i thought the grapefruit would be the best option. The patty was ground beef.
  9. PurrrectlyMe's Avatar
    Great idea with the grapefruit juice.The highlight of my dinner is lenonade stevia in a cold glass.What kind of meat for the patty?
  10. MarleyMom24's Avatar
    Thats what I was thinking about the caffine! I did p3 for 34 days. I wasnt planning to do another round. Just in the last week my weight has been creeping up and I was 5lbs over liw before i loaded.
  11. Sraines's Avatar
    I am taking the homeopathic and it says nothing about NO caffine...it actaully says the opposite...So I really haven't stopped having my coffee and lots of green tea...

    I have a question...did you stabalize for 3 week straight before you did another round? Or did you just do the P3 for the 3 weeks then onto another round?
  12. scientistmac's Avatar
    I think this diet actually does make us all a little crazy!!! LOL. I am halfway through my third week in P3. Not freaking out did help, no steak day required! I lost 3 pounds the first night after finally having BMs, and then another 0.5 pound today putting me right back in my range. So I was clearly backed up. Which has been my problem no matter how many darn pills I take! I'm stable for a few days, start to slowly gain, go above LDW, then freak out and do a steak day. Now I know I can let a day go by without the hassle of a steak day and just let my body do it's thang!!! Of course now that I say that I'll gain 5 pounds tonight and it won't go away in a day. Ha!

    Enjoy the holiday
  13. MarleyMom24's Avatar
    Thank you! I'm sorry your having issues too, but its nice to know i'm not crazy!! How far into p3 are you?
  14. scientistmac's Avatar
    Boy do I feel your pain!!! I woke up this morning to a FIVE POUND GAIN!!!! I ate COMPLETELY NORMAL YESTERDAY, not even any nightly cocktails, lol. So I was SHOCKED. Of course, my stomach looked like I was about 6 months pregnant! Round and hard = bloated and backed up. So, instead of doing a steak day, I worked out at the gym and am giving myself a day to try and get things "moving". I've learned to just try and stay calm and not freak out and do a steak day every 3 days...but boy is this painful!!!!! Hang in there...we'll both get through it somehow!
  15. MarleyMom24's Avatar
    Thanks Ya i wasnt sure. I was reading through a bunch of threads, some did the apple some didnt. I think i'll leave it out! Thanks!
  16. Dubbles's Avatar
    I thought you did the apple (or tomato) on a steak day, not all protein day. I wouldn't do the apple on high protein day, if I were you. Protein only.
  17. MarleyMom24's Avatar
    Hey! No i could only find 2% so that is prob my problem... I'm using your idea of hamburger cookies today on my high protien! Is it ok to smear some avocado on them?
  18. Dubbles's Avatar
    I love the Greek yogurt, can never be too much for me. You did have the full fat fage, didn't you. You're on p3, right. Hope your high protein days does the rest for you.
  19. MarleyMom24's Avatar
    Thank you both Fage is greek yogurt. On the forums they suguest FFF (full fat fage) but my safeway only carries 0% or 2% So i opted for the 2%. I also bought some lactose stop from renu life. Its a high strenght dairy enzyme. I'm having big time stomach pain today. Not sure if its the fage or TOM???????
  20. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    Hmmm ....def give yourself some mental slack for TOM coming. Mine was acting weird too so I stopped my Ph2 early and voila...it came instantly, but affected my LDW unfortunately....oh well, we are doing great! Keep your head up!

    BTW....what is fage? I keep hearing so much about it. Wondering if I would be doing myself any favors by doing a steak day before I need it? In order to get back down to my -2 from LDW?
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