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  1. Bridget Marie's Avatar
    Not there I am planning on going another 20 days but this go round I am training my mind that P3 is super important as is p4 but I do want to eat p3 mainly for life. I would love to hear your story
  2. KMR70's Avatar
    Beautiful attitude! I'll tell my story later, but how are you doing now with p/3-p4?
  3. Bridget Marie's Avatar
    Awe thanks so much it is easy to be hard on me but I appreciate it so much. Thank you also for adding me that is awesome.
  4. Nexuz9's Avatar
    I have your back
    Congrats on starting a new round!!
  5. Bridget Marie's Avatar

    I just now seen your post I hope things are going well for you my curiosity is quite sparked. I think the hardest part of this plan is in the beginning as with time you just develop new habits and it does get easier. I think the mental part like stalling can create problems with motivation to continue on but otherwise the next challenge is when your almost to p3 as time seems to go so slowly. Hope your round is going GREAT! Sounds like you have a great plan.
  6. Bridget Marie's Avatar


    I really recommend the Bella three pot crock pot, a griddle mine is the reversible I love to do my steak on the grill side and use the flat surface for my hamburgers. I love to buy the bag of chicken breast tenderloins and bake to pans full at a time and season them with some Red Hot sauce. I eat 2 tenderloins I pair the small one with a bigger one or do two small ones and don't even weigh you may want to weigh both just to make sure they come close to the 100 grams.. Ok so next easiest way to get things done is grilling your meats outside. I generally cut my cabbage up and boil a big pot of cabbage then add my tenderloins in and season to taste.

    I buy some microwavable containers and use either freezer bags or vacuum seal for freshness. I also like to take my frozen cooked meals out and place in fridge the night before to reduce microwave use.

    Here is a very helpful video to show how to get the cooking done quickly


    I use better freezer containers though....
    You want to make an even number for example I used 6 different types of meats. White meat: Tilapia , Shrimp, chicken and red meats steak, lean hamburger and, veal so I made a 60 meals the ratio looked like this 15 Steaks/ 15 chicken 10 hamburger/ 10 tilapia 5 shrimp/ 5 veal
    then I made different meals with them so as to not get bored
    Here is a list of my meals
    Steak with tomatoes and 0 cal, o carbs hot sauce with diced tomatoes Chile I do put in some fresh cilantro for flavor onion powder and garlic salt to taste
    Stir fry steak and tomatoes no oil do use brags amino, garlic and onion powder
    Steak all by itself to eat with lettuce I use red hot sauce as my dressing makes a great spicy salad, or steak with asparagus or spinach

    Hamburger into very thin patties it makes you think your eating a big hamburger on lettuce
    Hamburger ground same as the steak Chile with tomatoes and hot sauce.
    You can do cabbage drained with onion powder and salt and hamburger it is good.
    Cabbage rolls directions are online under hcg cabbage rolls
    Taco salad with lettuce hamburger and hot sauce just cook some hamburger portions

    Those are a few ideas youtube has so many ideas TOO!!!! yummy creative ones.

    Good luck!!
  7. snoppy48's Avatar
    60 Meals? Wow I'm impressed, having a hard time with that as I'm not fond of cooking :/ can you share any, easy for dummies ones
  8. Minal's Avatar
    Hi,today is my first day of VLCD. The first day of gorging I was thinking Oh when will I start the diet. And the truth is on day 3 of gorging I was thinking if I could get one more day of gorging. My first day of VLCD was good. No hunger, I was feeling calm. I skipped the melba toast and yippe I am sure I can give myself a direction in these 21 days.
    I am doing hcg for learning to loose focus from food. I will be investing more time in creative work rather than finding recipes for P2 and P3. I am going to take raw vegetables and whey protein (isopure Zero carb)
  9. Bridget Marie's Avatar
    I love hcgchica no worries I upped my dose and hunger went away thanks for your help!
  10. Bridget Marie's Avatar
    I love watermelon flavor for my water. I feel up a big 50 ounce water jug with crushed ice and water and just keep adding drops until I get the sweetness I want. It is my number one favorite. I also like the English toffee for my coffee ;p rhymes. Sweet Leaf Has these tiny trial packs they don't last long but I am glad I bought them. The Coffee pack had vanilla crème, English toffee and chocolate. I liked all of them but would only purchase the big bottle of English Toffee. Chocolate was good in my tea especially vanilla chia tea.

    I also bought the trial soda pack, I really didn't like any of them in carbonated water but I really liked them in plain water. The cola, grape and root beer are all good. I would never buy the lemon as you could just squeeze lemons into your water and all sweet leaf sweetener. If you add too much it becomes bitter. I love the toffee also on my apples. I use the Valencia orange on my oranges lol to make them sweeter they always seem so sour to bad there not all Florida oranges.
  11. amalorpam's Avatar
    hi Bridget, It is not normal to feel hungry. Are you taking drops/inj? Maybe you should adjust your dose? Are you familiar with hcg chica? Watch her videos or read her blogs. Might give you a better understanding about hunger and dosing.
  12. DustinDvlog's Avatar
    What brand do you like to use? I have only tried them once, but from how much everyone likes them it may have just been a bad brand I tried.
  13. Bridget Marie's Avatar
    Thanks so much Leez, I am waiting for TOM and other then that I am ready to do this everyday that passes I am thinking I better get my carbs in now so not too good of thinking there was thinking I should diet in case it takes a few weeks but I am up in the air about what to do. It may not come till the end of the month but since it is never on time I don't know. Thanks so much your too kind your post about no worrying how many rounds it will take really inspired me so I had to add you!
  14. Leez's Avatar
    You can be a success story. Everyone that is did it by just doing it one day at a time. Best of luck to you. How's it going so far?