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  1. LovelyStacy5456's Avatar
    Umm.... Is your hcg real? & are you following protocol? Because there is no reason for this if you are.
  2. ldygeko's Avatar
    Beachgirl - stick it out! Stalls happen. I have a hard time too when things just come to a stop like this. But we can DO this! :-)
  3. beach girl's Avatar
    Heyyyy!!! Awesome u started! It looks like your starting out great! Well I've been stalled for let's see 15 days now! 2 weeks Tom symptoms, yesterday bad stomach pains, it like starts then goes away, today same stomach with tiny spotting, I only have like 20 days left and this sucks stuck in this rut, I'm really pissy mood too and kicked the scale! Jeans r looser though but pissed cuz last year on drops it was 30 lbs in 25 days! This is like same 14 lbs in what 24 days?!?!
  4. ldygeko's Avatar
    Hi, BEACH GIRL! I am now on Day 3 of P3. I tend to do P3 very much like regular Atkins or Primal diet - lots of lean protein, veggies, some fruit - and I do add some greek yogurt dairy. So you do a 40-day round pretty much every year for maintenance? That's a great idea! I personally do my best maintaining doing Paleo or Primal. Grains and cane sugar are the DEVIL! Keep in touch - will have to go check to see if you've got a blog....

    TOMWILLA - Fat fast? I've heard of it, but no deals on how to do it. 4 pounds? That's awesome!!!! I will be fine, I know it - just didn't have the right motivation this round I guess....
  5. tomwilla's Avatar
    Hey Girl,I cheated last Friday night, bad, but I did not want a gain or a stall. So right in the middle of p2 I did a Fat fast with macadamian nuts for 3 days. I did not weigh until today and I lost 4lbs. Now I do not know how much I would have gained with the cheat, but so pleased with the loss. Now I have to eat pop for the next 7 days. Hopefully from now on. Lol You are awesome when you get your mind in the game. So just do it
  6. beach girl's Avatar
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  7. beach girl's Avatar
    Hey! Are u on round 3 day2? I wasn't sure, it's really easy to do a correction on atkins and turn it around, been a atkins girl a long time, I do 1 40 round hcg this time every year and stay on strict atkins like every other month, if you follow atkins induction until thanksgiving, you'll already be in ketosis, I think you'll lose really quick vlcd and not be hungry at all! I would just continue atkins the 40 days but start my seasonal job on the beach and need to b super skinny so this really helps, I will start atkins Xmas eve, OMG dreaming of meats ! We should keep in touch!!
  8. yep yep I can's Avatar
    I hope it comes in time! Best of luck on your next round...hope you and hubby lose big.
  9. tomwilla's Avatar
    P3 no sugar, no starch lots of healthy fats, that's all I remember so when the time comes I will need to read up too
  10. tomwilla's Avatar
    Awesome job. Enjoy p3
  11. tomwilla's Avatar
    I am excited for you to weigh I am sure you are doing good.
  12. tomwilla's Avatar
    I am just not sure, I can not decide to do 23 and do short p3 and start over or just keep going until I get down to at least 25 to 30lb. last time I did good but after I went on P3 and started P2 again I just could not get focus. So I am afraid to quit before I reach my goal. I am afraid I will not get my head back into it if I stop, because I am focused right not. you know what I mean. I have also thought real seriously about trying the patches, 72 hours for each patch, might be kind of easier, but I just mixed a batch yesterday, and it will give me about 25 more days.
  13. ldygeko's Avatar
    Hi, Willa! I'm going to make this a 21-day round, which means I'll be done with HCG on Saturday, then 2 days off HCG and then in to P3. DH and I hope to have the RX here in time for us to start loading on Thanksgiving. If the RX isn't here, I have enough homeopathic pellets left for us both to start. How long a round are you doing?
  14. tomwilla's Avatar
    Hope you get it before you run out. Today is day 15 for me so we are just about in the same race. How long are you going on this round? I have not decided yet. Hope DH does good too.
  15. tomwilla's Avatar
    Well that S&[email protected] sorry, plus it always takes so long to get the stuff. Good luck.
  16. tomwilla's Avatar
    Great attitude! A marathon it is. with DH on hcg it will make much easier. Lucky. How long are you going to this on this round.
  17. ldygeko's Avatar
    Hi, Raggedyann! It eventually went away, I think it was more related to barometric pressure changes, we had some weird weather around here the last couple of days.....
  18. raggedyann's Avatar
    Hope you feel better soon! I have found that the headaches are part of the detoxing. No fun! I had one last week.
  19. tomwilla's Avatar
    Great Job
  20. Rabo's Avatar
    What is up with this extended winter for so many of you? I thought that little groundhog saw his shadow???

    Good for you. Keep moving forward and let us know how you're doing!
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