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    Thank you for providing this information. I appreciate you so much. You have been a wealth of information.
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    Thank you for all your advice! The place I got my HCG njections from gave me a diet plan much like you described and it made me nervous. I didn’t remember doing phase 3 like that the first time, but honestly I didn’t remember much. They also had a lot more veggies and fruits on phase 2 which I’m not allowing and they suggested more calories/day than the 500. I told them I’d probably be sticking closer to original protocol and I have. I’m going to be pouring over your posts. You really know what you’re talking about! Thank you for all your info!
  3. Leez's Avatar
    If you mixed 4ml water total with the 2000iu HCG, you are still getting 500iu per ml water. So the dosing is the same as if you mixed 5000iu with 10ml water.
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    Thanks for the info!
  5. Leez's Avatar
    An update for round 9: It about the 4th week of P4 and I'm right at goal. The veggie loading was fairly successful. I've had a couple of correction days, but actually have found myself up to 2 pounds below LIW at times, and today I'm right at 133.

    What I have taken to doing is that if I start to see the scale inching up, I do a couple of friendly days from The Plan. Those are mainly vegetable-centered vegan menus with lots of good fats from oils and seeds. I also have a friendly day that includes sprouted bread and a lot of fruit, so if feel carb-needy, I can choose to do that one as well. So it seems a strategy that is working for me so far. The real test is about to begin, as I usually do pretty well for the first month of P4 and then start to run into problems with correction days not fully resetting me, or not locking in. So it remains to be seen if my new strategy pays off.
  6. Leez's Avatar
    Round 9: (28 doses, 28 days)

    This spring, I found myself edging too close to the 140 mark (my adjusted LIW became 138 after a time) so when I started to go over that, I decided to do a short round not only to take that bit of extra off, but to try to get under my goal so that I had a little more wiggle room coming out of P2. I seem to always have to adjust my LIW up 2-5 pounds, so my hope was I could end far enough below goal to actually be able to stay there.

    My round was quite successful. Because of an upcoming trip, I knew I would not be able to do a 30 dose round with skip days and still finish P3 before I embarked, so I did not skip and ended the round at 28 doses. I'm back to my goal round measurements, and 3 pounds below goal. I'm going to try a little different P3 strategy and go really heavy on greens and leafies doused in good fats this time and see if that can keep me at LIW more reliably. My suspicion is that in previous P3s I have not been vegetable-focused enough. (Except for avocados. ) I'll try to remember to report back and let you know how that worked.

    Interestingly, my total loss is exactly the same as my previous round (13.6) even though it was nine days shorter and without lipotropics. I had thought the lipo made a difference last time, but apparently I just did better without them.
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    I would suggest taking some more time to add in those foods in P3 (especially if you've had trouble in the past maintaining that weight during and after P3). For example, spend the first two (or more) days slowly adding in more of the approved vegetables and meats. Then maybe add eggs and cooking spray (olive, avocado, coconut oil sprays). Save nuts and dairy for the second week (I waited until the third week). I didn't even have fruits during my whole HCG process and I felt great.
    Remember, every person is different; however, I found that this method worked SO well for me. It made it much easier to maintain--I even continued losing! Hope this helps.
  8. jeepcurlygurl's Avatar
    I'm heading into P3 in about a week. Thanks for this blog topic. A very important and informative reminder about what to eat in P3. I'll probably read it a few more times. : )
  9. Maria146's Avatar
    I´m so nervous about phase 3... don't want to mess up the good work I did so far.
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    Reposted from sticky topic: https://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgdietforum...-issues-71567/
    Quote Originally Posted by Natalie View Post
    Thanks for this, Leez! I would add for Insomnia that a heating pad on the neck/back/shoulders feels wonderful while lying in bed getting sleepy. Especially with that cold feeling hcg can produce, this warms and calms me (and gets me sleepy). It's a good alternative for those that don't have a bathtub or don't want to take a bath. I also put on some "brown noise" at a reasonable level and sometimes put in ear plugs too (i know, weird) and this seems to help with sleep.

    Thanks again. This is such helpful information everyone should read.
  11. Leez's Avatar
    ROUND 8 (34 doses, 37 day round)

    Updating this topic to make a report on a 30 day round I just completed with Diet Doc. Over the past 2+years, I've been trying various maintenance strategies, and have held the line fairly well, but experienced a slow creep that nearly erased all the progress of my final round. Thankfully for my psyche, I never went over the 150 mark, which would have freaked me out totally, but came too close for comfort. So I gave up trying to lose on my own and decided to use the miracle of HCG once more. Menopause has not been kind. I had gained 7 inches on my waist, making it the same measurement as when I weighed 170 pounds before. Thankfully, 6 of those seven inches came off in the round. Maybe I'll lose the last one in the P3 reshaping. We shall see how that goes.

    At the end of this short round, I'm at my goal weight again. I lost nearly 14 pounds, which is really good for me. I expected to have to do a long round to get back to goal, but was able to end early, for which I am supremely thankful. I'm in P3 now and will do my best to keep my losses going forward.

    Round stats this time (I always do a skip day a week whether round is short or long):
    ROUND 8: Short round - 30 days [June-July 2017: 2+ years since R#7]
    Starting weight: 149.6
    Loading gain: -1#
    Weekly losses: -6.6 -2.6 -2.0 -1.6 -.8
    LIW: 136
    Net Loss: 13.6#

    DietDoc Mini Review:
    I did this round with Diet Doc and I was really impressed with their services and quality of their products. I had a great experience and I think the lipotropics helped increase my losses, which surprised me. I used their compounded HCG with the original protocol and had the most peaceful and comfortable round of all this time. I think that the theanine that is compounded with their HCG was responsible for consistent good sleep which has eluded me in other rounds. Read my full Diet Doc review here.

    * * * * *
    If you plan to order HCG from DietDoc, please consider using
    my Diet Doc link. I now receive a small commission for each purchase using this link. (All HDI discounts and coupons apply.) I consider it an unexpected thank you for the past several years I have spent volunteering my help in these hcg diet forums. If you have any questions about my experience with Diet Doc, please ask. I'm happy to talk with you about it.
    Updated November 17th, 2017 at 03:56 PM by DrJenn
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    From the other post. I did use

    For some reason it did not post what wrote . I'm using a 2000 iu bottle . Has 1 ml liquid in it already . The mixture is 2/1 So I added 3 ml bac. To the already 1 ml. The forum post anove said to use .30cc = 150iu . But that's to much ???
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    Thanks Leez... I'm gonna have a good think about this xx
  14. AbsAgain's Avatar
    This is better than what I learned in my Weight Watcher meetings, Leez. You're a great teacher! No wonder you're doing so well--you know your stuff.
  15. Leez's Avatar
    Probably a good idea to melt it so it mixes in smoothly. Or you could use MCT oil.
  16. herefishy's Avatar
    My co is solid, do I melt it first?
  17. Leez's Avatar
    I only modify it slightly to include coffee with cream, and greek yogurt as an alternate protein. Hayley does have a protein powder meal replacement for FMD, so I think the cookie fits in as a snack protein replacement. Or two for a meal. The first month I did it, I followed all her rules. After that I adjusted. Life without coffee & a little cream is just to bleak to bear.

    The tweaks made no difference in how it worked for me.
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    Thanks for the recipe. I am definitely giving it a try.

    So, Leez, do you follow the FMD or just parts of it?
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  20. Cupcakesoaps's Avatar
    Wow wow wow! Amazing.
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