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  1. Mummyof2's Avatar
    Leez, I was only going to wait 3 weeks, but this blog has really put things into perspective. I'll wait the full 6 weeks, but it seems harder than the diet was. Next round, I want to get to goal. I do have a bit of saggy skin from my last pregnancy and the weight loss, so if waiting helps reduce that, I'm in
  2. Leez's Avatar
    I think your doctor is pretty balanced...salt gives you a natural thirst for liquids. I think when you are pushing water way beyond a comfort level is when you can get into trouble.

    Also, there's a difference between table salt and pink or grey salts that are processed only by evaporation. Table salt is caustic to the body and gives nothing back, while the mineral salts provide nutrients and help sustain electrolyte balance, they don't just dehydrate you and raise your blood pressure. So yes, I agree....don't limit salt--but choose a good salt.
    Updated September 15th, 2015 at 09:16 AM by Leez
  3. AbsAgain's Avatar
    Interesting perspective, Leez. My doctor actually encouraged me to drink 1 gallon of water per day. However, he also encouraged me to salt my food as much as I'd like. Usually my doc is religious about following Dr. Simeon's protocol, but I think I remember him telling me water helped with getting rid of toxins stored in fat cells as well as suppressing appetite.
  4. Leez's Avatar
    I hope this record inspires people that they can reach their goal if they just keep at it. I didn't learn how to do maintenance in a way that worked for me until AFTER my 6th round. But I did finally learn. It may take you longer than some others to achieve success, but my experience is proof you can do it if you don't give up. When I started HCG, I was at the point when nothing worked for me anymore. I consider this protocol my miracle.
  5. Kstbts's Avatar
    Awesome! Thanks.
  6. kapluzie123's Avatar
    This is a great blog! I believe a lot of people forget this information. I know, when I first started- my "coach" told me not to mind that part-- but the "follow the rule kinda person" that I am-- I couldn't ignore it... I had to follow it.. It makes sense. The diet isn't a quick fix. It's a learning process.
    Love reading what you write!!!
  7. csnelson's Avatar
    Leez this is awesome how you kept up with each and every detail. I love your loss progression! So happy you reached your goal of 133! That's great!
  8. Leez's Avatar
    The jicama is almost my favorite part. I also like to cut jicama upto in french-fry shapes and dip it in a sweet chili-lime sauce.
  9. River57's Avatar
    That sounds great! love the idea of the cruncy jicama. Would like to take it to a cookout I am going to over the fourth! thanks
  10. Leez's Avatar
    I just use regular mayo in this. The sugar is minimal unless you are eating the whole recipe!

    I bought a 4 quart pack of Duke's from their website - $22

    You might check if there's a store near you: http://www.dukesmayo.com/store-finder.asp
    Updated June 9th, 2015 at 02:17 PM by Leez
  11. mewhoshops's Avatar
    Hi Leez, this recipe sounds amazing! Which mayo do you use? I've noticed the Hellmans brand has sugar listed. I've heard of dukes but it's no where to be found around here and amazon wants $12 for 8 oz!
  12. Leez's Avatar
    UPDATE: Just finished round 7 and am happy to report that I made it to goal! LIW is 133, right where I want to be. In addition, I've been successful at getting off beta blockers that I've taken for nearly a decade. That is huge for me. I finally both look and feel like myself again. The feeling of joy is indescribable.

    I wish the same to every hopeful HCG'er that is reading this blog post. Everyone has their own challenges to overcome. For me, finding FMD was a key. It taught me that maintenance is possible. It might take you a while, but you can have success.
  13. rlpna's Avatar
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