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  1. losing1978's Avatar
    Writing here to keep track of how i feel along the way. I would like to do another round of HCG some time after this one.
    First 8-9 days i was VERY hard. I was MOODY irritable and just wanted to kill everyone around me. I also felt hungry and had headaches. Today is day 10 and I feel like my mood is finally stabizing. I did have to cute back on my thyroid med and caffine.
    I have lost 8.6 pounds. I am very pleased with that. Normally I can not lose AT ALL even with diet and exercise, no sugar or white stuff. I think the problem is my thyroid/hormones.
    This diet is not for the weak hearted that is for sure! I can see the light now and I will do this!
    NO I will try....Only I will Do ~yoda
  2. Nexuz9's Avatar
    That's a good list! Just had the apples.....

    Welcome to hCG