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Loading day 1

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Today is my first loading day on HHCG. I took my drops this morning, and then had french toast with bacon for breakfast. Lunch was a bit delayed, I am not doing as good a job loading as I probably should. i'm planning on bacon-cheeseburgers for lunch, and probably more of the same for dinner (leftovers). I forgot to check my weight this morning and measurements (I reminded myself, but then forgot to do it before I ate) so now I'll wait till Monday, after my 2 load days, to take weight and measurements and I guess pictures for comparison at the end. I saved a copy of that HCG diet tracker that a member here so kindly shared, and I'll spend the weekend filling it in for a way to track my progress, etc.

I can't wait to "get comfortable" on my eating with P2 so I can learn more about how P3 works, and how to stabilize before moving on to P4.

As of my weight at the beginning of this week, My plan is about a 30-lb loss. We will see how I will tweak that once we get closer to the end, but that would put me at 150 lbs, and that is a weight I have not seen since high school.

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  1. lindafisher2010's Avatar
    Congrats for getting started today.
    I also started today and my load day was not as successful as I was hoping but I did get to eat some really bad junk.

    Well, tomorrow is a new day and then on to P2