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One week in again, and once again was off protocol two days. This is end of week two, and it seems I am good for three days, then just give in. The amount of socializing the past two weeks isn't helping! But, I realized that I have to make this a priority if I want to reach my goal by my Birthday. Today is Saturday, and I am going to get myself ready for this next week, even though I have to travel for two days. Three weeks until my birthday. That gives me three weeks to get 12 pounds off. I CAN DO THIS!!!

Start 9/13/10

LOAD 1/2 161.5: +3 (Gained a total of 3 pounds from loading. Had a good day of eating and a light workout)
VLCD 1 - 158.5: -3 (back to 158.5 - whew!)
VLCD 2 - 156.5: -2 (going down - super!)
(BLIP) 157.5: +1 (gained a pound after going off protocol for a weekend [2-days] and not having drops)
VLCD 3 - 156.0: -1.5 (on the way back down.. whew!)
VLCD 4 - 155.5: -.05
(stall for two days after forgetting drops one day, and eating off protocol one night and one day/night)

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    Hang tuff--I'm sure you can lose 12 in 3 weeks. Good luck.
  2. 15BGONE's Avatar
    thank you, Dubbles!