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  1. Vlcd 25 - arrrggghhhh!!!!!

    So it's VLCD25. My losses have been seriously slow this week and it's had me down. Of course, then TOM shows up this morning and brings a 2 lb gain with him!!!! I'm so frustrated right now. I'm just hoping this is mostly just me retaining water like a camel and in the next few days I'll see a nice big drop... I haven't cheated and this is just... bah! Going to try and push extra water the next few days and see if that helps.

    I need encouragement.
  2. Almost to the big 2-0....

    So, as of this morning I was at 235.0. I'm so excited!! That puts my total loss now to 19.2 pounds.... dare I say, tomorrow I'll be over the big 2-0 pounds lost mark!?!?!? I really can't believe this is happening to me. I'm 2 days away from being halfway through P2... Tomorrow, I'll be mixing my new injections for the 2nd half. A little nervous, since my first 23 days came from a clinic here in town (But they won't let you do extended rounds), so this will be my first time mixing on my own. I ...
  3. Vlcd 10

    So today I lost a pound and weighed in at 239.4. Which is better than the small gain I had yesterday. That brings the total lost so far to 14.2 lbs since 11/11/11. Can't complain. This weekend I did something stupid... It was my great niece's first birthday, and although I followed protocol for lunch & snacks at the party, by the time I got home that night (at 9pm) dinner was out of the question. I didn't want to wait 4 hours before bed to let my food digest (knew I wasn't going to make it ...
  4. P2 Week 1 Results!!!

    A week ago this morning I took my first HCG injection. I didn't know how much and how quickly this was going to change my life, even with all the research I did, I just wasn't prepared to feel like this.

    Starting weight: 252.4
    Post Loading: 253.6
    Today: 242.6

    That's a total of 11 lbs lost since loading! (Yep, I'm including loading weight. Highest weight is highest weight in my book!)
    I also took new measurements last ...

    Updated November 18th, 2011 at 09:59 AM by 1WildAngel

  5. Nov 16th... VLCD5 TOM day 6

    So I think today will be the last I see of TOM for a while (crossing fingers). Last night he was definitely mostly out the door, so I'm hoping for some better numbers this next week, though - I can't complain about my numbers so far at all.

    This morning I was down another 1.6 lbs to put me at 243.8. According to my spreadsheet... if I keep going this rate (which I doubt), I could be in onederland by Christmas - the end of my 43 day round falls on xmas eve. How one-derful would ...
  6. Nov 15th... VLCD4 TOM day 5

    Well, today is VLCD4 and Tom day 5... and I still can't complain. Here's the stats:

    Weight: 247.6
    Body Fat: 58.6%

    Weight: 245.4
    Body Fat: 56.5%

    WOOHOOO!!! 2.3% drop in body fat... that's amazing. At least according to my scale, it is. And a 2.2 lb loss... I can't complain at all!!!
    For lunch yesterday I had some shrimp and cucumber with a breadstick (that seems to be my usual, it's easy when ...
  7. New Beginnings....

    So on Thursday, I decided to just splurge and go ahead and go to the local clinic and get a 23 day round of injections. I didn't want to wait anymore to get started, and I'm glad I did it.

    I waited until Friday morning to begin injections.
    On Friday morning, my starting weight (before first injection) was 252.4 lbs. I loaded friday with lovely things like McDonald's breakfast, and chinese buffet.

    On Saturday Morning (Loading Day 2), my weight was 253.0 ...