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New Beginnings....

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So on Thursday, I decided to just splurge and go ahead and go to the local clinic and get a 23 day round of injections. I didn't want to wait anymore to get started, and I'm glad I did it.

I waited until Friday morning to begin injections.
On Friday morning, my starting weight (before first injection) was 252.4 lbs. I loaded friday with lovely things like McDonald's breakfast, and chinese buffet.

On Saturday Morning (Loading Day 2), my weight was 253.0 and I was surprised by an early visit from Aunt Flo. I got a bit discouraged, but I'm pretty sure that the first shot probably shocked my system. I wasn't supposed to start until Tuesday, but I figured what the heck, and decided to push through it regardless of my period showing up early. I ate all day long, and that night went out with a friend and his daughter for a great Red Lobster dinner. OH MY was it good!!!

Sunday VLCD1: 253.6 So my total loading weight wasn't the greatest gain. Even with a period... sheesh! How do some people gain 5+ lbs in two days!? Oh well... I forge onward and hope for the best. I wasn't hungry all day... and it was even a chore to get my lunch and dinner down. For lunch I had 3oz of shrimp, and about a half of a cucumber, along with my breadstick. For dinner, I had 3 oz of chicken diced & spiced laid over lettuce, and my breadstick...and I managed to get down 80 oz of water throughout the day.

Monday VLCD2: 249.6! That was a 4 lb loss this morning... I'm totally okay with that considering I'm bleeding like a stuck pig. and feel bloated still. I know once this period is over I'll probably see an even bigger drop...but I'm definitely happy with 4 lbs! I've already got 24 oz of water down this morning, and plan on having an apple and a handful of strawberries for snacks today. Lunch and dinner will be the same as yesterday until I get some P2 recipes printed out to make. I plan on doing that today also.

Again today, I'm just not hungry. I feel fantastic. No headaches, even my PMS symptoms really just aren't there. So far, I'm feeling wonderful. I had a great weekend with my best friend and I think that helps as well. My mind is at peace, and my body is doing it's thing. I'm hoping to see 220 on this round. That would be a 33 lb loss.... if I can make that, (which I'm thinking, I can) then I'd be completely happy with round 1. I'd REALLY love to see 200 lbs if I decide to do a longer round (right now I only have supplies for a 23 day round). So if things keep going well, perhaps I'll buy some more and do an extended round.

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  1. Newjulie's Avatar
    Congratulations Angel! Sound like you are off to a great start!
  2. 1WildAngel's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Newjulie
    Congratulations Angel! Sound like you are off to a great start!
    Thanks, Julie! I'm trying.