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Nov 15th... VLCD4 TOM day 5

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Well, today is VLCD4 and Tom day 5... and I still can't complain. Here's the stats:

Weight: 247.6
Body Fat: 58.6%

Weight: 245.4
Body Fat: 56.5%

WOOHOOO!!! 2.3% drop in body fat... that's amazing. At least according to my scale, it is. And a 2.2 lb loss... I can't complain at all!!!
For lunch yesterday I had some shrimp and cucumber with a breadstick (that seems to be my usual, it's easy when I'm home from work and need to put something together quick), and for dinner had tilapia with some lemon juice and cayenne pepper over a big leaf of lettuce, and a breadstick. I also had an orange for a snack yesterday afternoon.... but you know, I'm still just NOT HUNGRY!
I did get in my full 100oz of water yesterday for the 2nd day in a row...so I'm glad.

I'm hoping this will be my last TOM day.... And hoping that because of it being the last day, tomorrow and Friday I should be seeing some even bigger numbers!!! (Tom always slows my losses, but this time I've been losing steady through the whole thing! WOOHOO!)

We'll see. I hope everyone else is doing great this morning.... I feel great this morning. I told my boyfriend, I feel like I'm on top of the world the past few days! Nothing can stop me.... (chanting) I'm a ninja! I'm a ninja! I'm a ninja!

I passed up the reese's someone brought home last night, passed up the donuts at work this week, and cake, and passing up my company luncheon today and don't feel the least bit angry about it! Know why?!?!? Because EVERY MORNING my scale is rewarding me for the decisions I'm making!!!! And maybe I'm hallucinating, but this morning my shirt and bra even seem to feel to fit a little better. My bra doesn't feel as tight as usual, and I put on a shirt this morning that I never usually wear because it shows my tummy roll too much... but today - i can't see it!? Which means the shirt isn't stretching like it usually does.... I can't wait til friday to take measurements again!!! I've decided to only measure once a week... every friday since that was my injection day 1.

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