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P2 Week 1 Results!!!

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A week ago this morning I took my first HCG injection. I didn't know how much and how quickly this was going to change my life, even with all the research I did, I just wasn't prepared to feel like this.

Starting weight: 252.4
Post Loading: 253.6
Today: 242.6

That's a total of 11 lbs lost since loading! (Yep, I'm including loading weight. Highest weight is highest weight in my book!)
I also took new measurements last night, here's how those add up:

Starting: 11/11/11
Neck: 15
R Arm: 14.5
L Arm: 13
Bust: 48
Waist: 51
Hips: 57.5
R Calf: 18.5
L Calf: 18

Week 1: 11/17/11
Neck: 14.5
R Arm: 13
L Arm: 13
Bust: 46
Waist: 48
Hips: 55
R Calf: 17.5
L Calf: 17.5

Total of 11 inches lost, with the most being my waist and hips! WOOOHOOO! that's JUST where it needs to be coming off!

11 lbs and 11 inches, in ONE WEEK! I'm shocked, amazed, and.... HAPPY. Bring on week 2!

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    That's great!