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Vlcd 10

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So today I lost a pound and weighed in at 239.4. Which is better than the small gain I had yesterday. That brings the total lost so far to 14.2 lbs since 11/11/11. Can't complain. This weekend I did something stupid... It was my great niece's first birthday, and although I followed protocol for lunch & snacks at the party, by the time I got home that night (at 9pm) dinner was out of the question. I didn't want to wait 4 hours before bed to let my food digest (knew I wasn't going to make it that long) so I just skipped dinner. WRONG! I will never do that again, for sure. I felt absolutely miserable, weak, fatigued, sore, and just plain YUCK for the next 2 days! Today I'm feeling better again. I did good getting my water in last night, and had a cup of smooth move because I hadn't taken a BM in 2 days which I'm guessing attributed to the small gain I had on the scale yesterday (0.6 lbs). I think the tea did the trick because this morning, my stomach was ready to go again... and I had no problem "releasing". haha

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