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  1. First Cali kicker +steak day!

    Okay I had 10 skittles at work today ... I was feeling lightheaded and it was seriously my only option I needed to get my blood sugar up plus I dont think it will effect much ... Steak was yummy tonight that's right I said Yummmy :/ just did my Cali kicker (:0 scary ) and making more mebs and frying some pork chops for tomorrow for a high protein unless I drop 3 lbs Otherwise they'll just be lunch teehee
  2. Seeing if my ticker shows up for my signature

  3. My results thus far! Round 1, P2, day 21(40day round of injections)!

    Phase 1
    Day 1 (loading) 244
    Day 2 (loading) 247
    Day 3 (loading) 250

    Phase 2
    Day 4 245 Day 12 236 Day 20 230
    Day 5 242 Day 13 238 Day 21 231
    Day 6 242 Day 14 238 Day 20 230
    Day 7 241 Day 15 235 Day 21 229
    Day 8 239 Day 16 232
    Day 9 239 Day 17 231
    Day 10 237 Day 18 231
    Day 11 236 Day 19 233
  4. Round 1 Phase 2 Day 7

    Weight: 224.4
    Yesterday's calories: ~1950

    The dinner party was not good for me. Not only did I forget to bring the drops, I pigged out. I was still full this morning. I guess I need to work on the control/willpower when I'm out because I just kept eating. Worst part is I'm going back to tonight to help eat leftovers. Maybe I can bring a salad and for dessert just stick to the strawberries & blackberries. It's the protein that will be hard to get without massive carbs. ...

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  5. Slow and Steady?

    I've got the slow part down, but the steady is a major issue I am a relative newbie on the HCG diet. I am taking injections. This is Round one, Phase 2 , injection 6. To this date, I have lost 15 pds. My starting weight was 244 and now I weigh 229. I feel like that is rather slow. I have been fluctuating up and down by 1pd for the last 4 days, What should I do familia? Also, how much are you drinking a day? I want to see a consistent 2pd a day drop. Wishful thinking right?!!! I'm so ...
  6. Day 5 ph3

    Okay so call me stupid/Pms brain haha Idn why I didn't do a high protein day yesterday so close to lwd +2 argh haha I'm only uP .7 kinda not a big deal but it's pushed me over by .1 lol another steak day for me !