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  1. Day 19! Phase 3

    Hey all !,
    Didn't post this morning we had the craziest storm last night ! Like totaly crazy no power no nothig good thing my man was around for snuggles ! I woke up at 9 to a 2.3 loss! Amazing new fav steal day anyways today I had a giant breakfast no lunch but a giant supper and am
    Gonna make up a quick desert in the bullet will post if yummy but had a great day me and boy went and played mini golf haven't done that in ever and I kicked butt ! 2 hole in ones so two free ...
  2. R1 P2 Hungry vlcd day

    I'm literally starving right now and have been very hungry days 1-3 so far. I'm doing Hucog 125iu injections in the belly and even did 150iu this morning to see if that would help. Loaded all high good fats for two days and both my husband and myself are starving. Tested the HCG and it tests positive too! Help, what can we do? We are following protocol perfectly as per Doc Simeon. Help....I'm hungry
  3. New member

    New member and have not started any phases yet . Need some help . I have a lot of Dr.Simeons information. I read the board and was trying to reach mgsodance . I hope that she will see this and provide an email. The other one she listed would not work. I have never used or done a blog and need some help with how this works ,so that I can get started Chironmoon thanks
  4. Week three notes

    In much friendship and support,

    7/15 VLCD3=week 1 total =-3.6
    7/21 VLCD9=week 2 total=-5.0 (round 2 total=8.6)
    7/22 VLCD10=-.6
    7/23 VLCD11=+.4
    7/24 VLCD12=+.4
    7/25 VLCD13=-.6
    7/26 VLCD14=-.6
    7/27 VLCD15=-.8 skip day
    7/28 VLCD16=-1= week 3 total=-2.2 (round 2 total=- 10.6)
    7/29 VLCD17=-1.2 TOM
    7/30 VLCD18=-.4 ...
  5. Im new to this

    Hi everyone,

    I've always been a big girl all my life. Im not gonna lie,i have managed to lose weight without taking the HCG pills and anything else. Since i came back from NY, i have gained about 40lbs. I did joggin, eating less, sometimes not eating at all. But now what ever i do, i can't seem to lose weight at all. All my jeans still fit extremely tight. I have heard about HCG for awhile. So there are 2 close people in my life that have been using HGC. My friend was using the ...