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  1. No complaints here!

    Had a late start today so I am blogging between calls... lol Won't post all the numbers but down .08 this morning to 174.2! I have no complaints with that!! 5 days and still going strong with the losses so late in the game, but I will take it!! Have a great day all!!
  2. Help! 1st Round of HCG Day 3 and Gaining Weight!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mic View Post

    My name is Michelle and this is my first try with HCG. I am taking RX HCG sub-lingual tabs 200 IU from a local clinic. I gained 3 lbs on my loading days and am on day 3 on VLCD day. SO far I have gained an additional 3 lbs. I am following the list of foods they gave me EXACTLY and sticking to plan. Also taking the B12 and potassium as directed. I am keeping a food diary on the My Fitness Pal app on my phone. My diary for the past 3 days: (Note- this app doesn't have ounces
  3. so glad my cheat did not set me back 3 days

    Preload weight 158.8
    Load weight 163
    VLCD 3 158.2
    VLCD 4 Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater
    VLCD 5 158

    Ok let the games begin. I was really lucky my cheat weight 161, did not set me back 3 days yippee! So I am on day 5 VLCD but I am back starting just like I wasted those 5 days. So let me say: DONT CHEAT it is not worth it. That pretty much sums it up.. DONT!!!!
  4. I caved :(

    I had a very intense body flow workout. I felt very weak and light headed so I had a quest bar. It was soooooo yummy. I couldn't wait tell dinner. Quest bars are very filling I won't need dinner. I had some apple cider viniger as soon as I got home. I hope this doesn't mess me up. Has anyone else did this?
  5. VLCD24 - Steady as she goes - or stable as she goes is more like it.

    Stable is good, but I prefer to be stable after having adding in calories and fat, aka in P3. It's OK though. I'm going to continue going strong during this last week of VLCD.

    I saw something I loved today and will share it here. Simple and beautiful:

    To belittle is to be little.

    I just love it.

    XXOO to ALL y'all!
  6. Working out during P2 - An Endurance Athlete's HCG Diet Blog - VLCD 2

    VLCD 2 was my first day to work out and I was a little nervous. I did fine though. I didn't feel weak and I got through the day with a normal amount of hunger (right before lunch, and right before I left work). It's really a mental challenge though. Going into practice I had to tell myself over and over "You've had SO MUCH TO EAT" and forget that I am really on very few calories. If I focus on how little I had to eat I would never be able to get through a workout.

    Workout ...
  7. I was right!

    I knew I'd see a gain this morning and I did. Gained 2lbs, so I'm back at my load weight. The good news is that I learned a very good lesson. The emotional reward of food is not worth it!

    I did go off birth control so we can start the family process. I'm struggling with the changes in hormones right now. Hopefully it will get better soon. I bought a goal dress for my birthday trip in mid June. I have it hanging on my closet door so I can see it every day. I should really ...
  8. Losing muscle

    I have been on the diet a little over a week and lost 6 lbs. we have a fancy scale at work that calculates your fat water and muscle. According to the scale it says I lost a lb of muscle. This concerns me. Has anyone else had this kind of results? Isn't this bad?
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  9. Round 2: VLCD 24 GOAL!!!! READY TO BE THIN . IS .. THIN!

    When I started this journey February 1, 2013, I was officially 146.4

    I had three goals: 135, 129 and 125. Today I hit my final goal. It took me two short rounds, but I did it.

    I was not perfectly on protocol either round. I had several cheats along the way, usually wine, but I always got back in the game the next day and my set backs were never terrible.

    Of course I now have two low cal days without drops that I need to get through, but I get ...
  10. P3 D8 Last Thing I Wanted to Do Today

    Good morning HCGers .... I hope all is going well for all of you!

    Minor ups and downs is not only a reality of this protocol, it is also a reality in everyday living... What we do about it and how we handle it is really the answer. Whether the situations are self imposed or beyond or control, your resolve and attitude are the utmost importance.

    I am basically talking to myself today. I have made a commitment to blog Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on P3. I normally ...
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