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Day 6

Experiencing lowgrade headache again after not having it for a few days. Sigh. Only a 0.5# loss today.

Daily Menu:

14 oz. Black coffee
Honeycrisp apple
2 cups Spinach & Bison Soup (100g)
2 melba snacks
King Crab Legs (100g)
A cup of homemade broth made from crab shells, asparagus ends, & seasonings (for snack)

I skipped the noontime dose. I was feeling unusually hungry, light-headed, and winded from climbing the stairs. I felt fine w/o dose. My hunger finally went away. I drank so much water, tea, & broth I was in bathroom every 2 hours. Sigh.

  1. Day 8

    Trying the lower dose of 10 drops (vs 15)...Took 10 drops at 5:45am.

    7:30A Coffee
    8:30A Honeycrisp apple

    While making coffee, stomach rumbling (tad hungry), a bit of a headache (in the periphery), breathless and weak …. passed within the hour.

    Started getting hungry around 10A so made lunch; added twice as much cabbage. Ate 2/3, finished remains around 1 or so.

    "lunch" dish at 10:30AM:

    Veal Cabbage ...