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Day 6

Day 8

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Trying the lower dose of 10 drops (vs 15)...Took 10 drops at 5:45am.

7:30A Coffee
8:30A Honeycrisp apple

While making coffee, stomach rumbling (tad hungry), a bit of a headache (in the periphery), breathless and weak …. passed within the hour.

Started getting hungry around 10A so made lunch; added twice as much cabbage. Ate 2/3, finished remains around 1 or so.

"lunch" dish at 10:30AM:

Veal Cabbage Delight
3.5 oz veal burger
2 cups finely shredded cabbage (2 servings)
1 cup chicken broth (found out not Protocol due to carrots & natural chix flavoring) :eek
1/2 cup chopped garden fresh tomatoes (frozen, then thawed)
1/2 clove garlic, coarsely chopped
Seasonings (italian, garlic & onion powders, cayenne)

Very delish. Veal contains the most calories of all the proteins I'm eating (167 vs 137 for hamburger). I'll counter this by eating white fish (cod today) which is under 100 calories.

12:10P: 10 drops. Didn’t feel hungry. I've been experiencing this sharp pain on the lower left side of belly; it's been there since this morning. A little dizzy, but other than that...better. No fuzzy feeling. Yay. Hunger within reason. I have to say tho, by the time I eat, I'm ravishing. Food seems to taste EXTRA delish. Dividing my 2 meals into 4 works best for me.

Drank a cup of Bitter Melon/Berry tea around 4pm to ward off "mental craving" ... tea did the trick.

Ate dinner around 6P:

Fish Stew
4.5oz cod filet (a bit more than Protocol, but I'm still under 500 calories)
1 c spinach, cut into ribbons (all that I had left)
½ c chopped garden fresh tomatoes (frozen, then thawed)
½ clove of garlic, coarsely chopped
Seasonings—italian, cayenne, onion & garlic powder

Kind of went heavy with the pepper, so along with the cayenne, the stew had a bite…enough for me to nearly break a sweat. Both dishes today were quite tasty.

Still experiencing sharp pain in left lower side of belly. It feels similar to when you get a “stich.” My guess is it is somehow related to digestive tract (haven't eliminated today).

7:00P: 10 drops. Drank a cup of Smooth Move & nibbled on a breadstick around 9:30P. The pain on left side worsened. Felt like a BIG gas bubble that would not pass. Ugh. Went to bed hoping it would pass during the night.

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  1. curvygirl63's Avatar
    I bet the gas bubble was the cabbage. It tends to make me have gas and feel bloated also.
    If hunger is an issue, you may want to increase your drops back up to 15 drops 2x a day.