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  1. Irma hurricane

    I didn't prepare well for the storm. We have no electricity I can't cook and hungry. Im sick of lettuce plain veggies and meat. We have plenty of process juke food and fruit. What can I munch on⁉️
  2. HCG 2.0/Ketosis Update

    Well, I swapped over to HCG 2.0. I found that I was losing well the first couple of days. Then blammo. Four days of no losses and even minor gains. I started researching heavily and discovered that forcing my fat grams lower than my carbs likely kicked me out of a state of ketosis.

    So I upped my fat gram intake to higher than my protein grams and whoosh. I was off again after a couple of days. Since then, I've stopped meticulously tracking stuff in myfitnesspal and I wake up to find ...
  3. Kassie

    Hucog 5000IU Injection I just received my vile and it was all liquid with no wafer at the bottom. The instructions say to swirl until dissolved is this normal not to have a waiver
  4. Insomnia remedies for P2

    It's very common to encounter sleep issues or insomnia during P2 because of the very low calorie diet.

    There are a some things you can try to mitigate the insomnia. You may find one or a combo works for you. It's important to address, as sleep quality affects weight loss. I've dealt with disturbed sleep for years, so I've done a lot of hunting for ways to make it better.
    1. Cup of hot broth before bedtime. Try having it with one of your fruits. That feeds the adrenals

    Updated November 17th, 2017 at 03:27 PM by Jenya