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  1. End of P2 and period should start too - What to do???

    So... I have 4 shots left before this round ends... my period should have started 2 days ago but I'm late... so now I'm expecting it any day (not today, so far).
    Dr. S. said to not finish a round while on the period.

    So, what do I do???

    I would love to be on this round for 6- more days (I'm so close to the 30 lbs mark!)
    My period is usually very regular, usually 4 days, the 2nd day usually heavy.

    * Should I skip injections until I get ...
    Tags: end of p2, period
  2. R1p2 - summer round - vlcd9

    SW 219.0
    CW 215
    GW 170
    (Down 4.0) (46 left to goal)

    I couldn't wait til tomorrow to get on the scale. My lowest WI so far was Saturday at 214. Then I think my highest on Monday morning was like 216.8 - now I'm back down to 215. Soooooooo slooooooooooooooooow.

    It is what it is. I know my metabolism is "broken" and that this menopause thing is kicking my ***. My nutritionist said that during menopause, a small "cheat" of 10 ...