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  1. info on how to find your posts per leez

    Quote Originally Posted by Leez View Post
    If you click your username on your post, you will have the option to see all the posts you've ever made on the forum. "View forum posts"

    When I click yours, there are 20 pages of posts. But it looks like they only go back to Dec. 2020.

    It seems odd you wouldn't have gotten all your history when your account was restored. Unless the webmaster just gave your name back but not the actual account. If you find an old post previous to Dec 2020, see if you
  2. Determining if dose is too low or high, fronm Leez

    Quote Originally Posted by Leez View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by FlirtyFlo View Post
    Leez, to recap,
    Morning hunger is Dose too high
    Afternoon hunger is Dose too low?
    In a general way, yes. Morning hunger before dosing may indicate a dose too low.

    Hunger after dosing that doesn't go away after you eat (or gets worse) dose too high.

    But its always best to do a skip day to be sure. Because sometimes the indications are wrong and you need to adjust the other way.