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Stats so far

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Here is my stats. I cheated on one day, My anniversary. Hubby surprised me and took me out to a fancy restaurant. I should have refused.... *sigh*

Day 1 9/23 182.6
Day 2 181.2
day 3 184.2
day 4 181.2
day 5 179.4
day 6 178.6
day 7 177.6 (total 5lbs)
D 8 176.0 (period started)
D 9 175.0
D10 173.0 (lost 2lbs this day?)
D 11 173.0
D 12 171.8
D 13 170.8
D 14 170.8 (Total 11.8)
Week 3
D 15 168.8
D 16 170.8 (cheated)
D 17 170.8 (back to protocol)
D 18 171.6
D 19 169.6 (finally!)
D 20 169.4
D 21 168.0 (total 14.6)
D 22 167.2
D 23 167.8 (gained .6?)
D 24 167.6 (only -.2?)

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  1. RahEast's Avatar
    Hello there! I'm new around here so please forgive me if I am in any way imposing my unsolicited opinion where it doesn't belong.
    I do understand how unsettling it can be when we're invited to do something that we KNOW is going to stall the weight loss we're working so hard to achieve. BUT (IMO) you made the right choice! Anniversaries are special, and as every other good thing in this life, there's no promise of the chance to celebrate the next one. Making your husband happy by letting him treat you to a fancy restaurant dinner is an opportunity you can't get back. Getting back on track to drop the pounds is something that we're all going to have to keep doing for as long as we're trying to drop weight. Best of luck in your next stare down with the scale!