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  1. Placed my HCG order today!

    I am excited!! I placed my order from reliable Pharmacy today.
    I ordered the Ovidac 5000 i.u. (Novarel)
    I also ordered my bac water and mixing vials from Missouri Medical. I plan on getting my needles from my local pharmacy here at home. I am so excited!!!

    I completed my first round using the Homeopathic oral drops. I did loose using them and I also feel that they worked. I didn't like that I had to take them 3X a day. I am looking forward to a one time a day shot! ...
  2. Stats so far

    Here is my stats. I cheated on one day, My anniversary. Hubby surprised me and took me out to a fancy restaurant. I should have refused.... *sigh*

    WEEK 1
    Day 1 9/23 182.6
    Day 2 181.2
    day 3 184.2
    day 4 181.2
    day 5 179.4
    day 6 178.6
    day 7 177.6 (total 5lbs)
    WEEK 2
    D 8 176.0 (period started)
    D 9 175.0
    D10 173.0 (lost 2lbs this day?)
    D 11 173.0
    D 12 171.8
    D 13 ...
  3. I really want to be a looser!

    I just realised that there is a blog feature. So this isn't my day 1 log but, I am on day 22 ( I am doing the full 45 days. I am down to 167.2 from 182.6! I am fitting into my clothes again and looking forward to dieting during the winter so in the summer I can wear a cute suit!

    I am doing the hhcg sublingual drops from HCG123. They seem to be working I guess. I just am not sure. What if it is only working because I am on a 500 calorie diet. I am afraid that I might be loosing muscle ...