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R2P2 Load Weekend!! Oh..the gluttony!

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Female 5'8"
1st Round 187lbs-158lbs
Start R2 this weekend "Load"

I wish I would have done a blog the 1st round of HCG..but I didn't know about this site until now. Better late than never I suppose.

This time around, I found it difficult to really eat heavy fats/carbs...there was a sense of guilt & shame..and to make it even more difficult..I knew whatever I gained by doing this load would push back my goal weight..Anyone else feel the same? This time I made sure I ate ALL the foods I was craving during my 1st round...it's gonna be awhile before I can have them again.

I am really excited to start my 2nd round & hope that I am just as successful..or even more successful than the 1st. One of the nice things about having done this before is..I know what foods work for me and which cause a next-day wt. gain.

For all the newbies out there...NO cheating..if you do it sets you back by 3 days...at least! Lesson learned over the holidays....However, if you have a special occasion that you will "regret" not having enjoyed...then live it w/ no regrets..and get back to the diet the next day. I chose 2 days for off plan..Christmas eve & New Years Eve...It caused a few days of chaos & slight gain..but I didn't regret it in the end. I was very successful with my injections overall.

Things I did "off-Plan" everyday....
Chapstick everyday
Lotion (small amount)
Coconut fat-free spray
Emergency hershey kisses in a baggie if I felt dizzy...used this only once during 6wks.

Good Luck everyone!!


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  1. hopdog's Avatar
    I posted my message before I read any. Would u like to be "buddies"? Sounds like we are similar in goal weights. I am 5'7 155lb and goal is 135lbs. Let me know. Joy
  2. Spiderlilly's Avatar
    Im in r1p2d2 my first loading day i felt the same as u. I had to force myself to eat fatening stuff. By the second load day i found it a little too easy to pig out- that really made me worry but im doing ok. All the loading weight is off the lbs. just not the inches yet.